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    UPDATE!!! : March 17, 2006: I have finally fixed the link to "Faded Colors" and it should work now! Please check it out! Thanks!

    Thanks FelinaSan! She has kindly given me some space on her website to host my videos at higher qualities for direct download! Isn't that great? Be sure and check out her vids!


    Thank you for all Quick Comments!

    I'm Kathy. I am a Penn State student born in January 1981 (you do the math). I am a huge Beatles fan. I stumbled onto this site like so many others before me, admiring the many vids, and wondered if I could possibly do something as great. I started with the Beatles. I ran through so many songs, with all their great imagery, trying to find an anime that would work. I finally landed with my best buddy's fav anime, Gundam Wing and Golden Slumbers medley from Abbey Road. The rest is history. However, I'm still a novice, I don't have the cool equipment and stuff that the pro's have. I'm just doing this primarily for my own enjoyment, I'd like to see the vids I think up and no one has thought of yet. If someone out there in the world enjoys them too, That'd be just excellent.

    Every vid has taught me something new, and I hope I improve with each one too. I've learned Comedy is a lot harder than just making a cool vid. That Editing category on the Academy Award really *does* have a purpose. and, uh, I'll post more lessons on life laterz.

    My all time favorite ever show is Digimon: Digital Monsters, in particular seasons 01, 02, and 4. You may be thinking that Digimon is just a cheap rip off of Pokemon. But you'd be mistaken. Digimon has made me laugh, and cry. I've gotten to know the characters as closely as any friend. At the end of the first season, not only do I get misty everytime I see it, when I first saw it, I couldn't sleep becuase I was worried about the characters. That has never happened to me before. Has it to you?

    * I hardly ever give a *10* for Reviewability in my reviews. I think "looping" vids constantly is a bad sign. A truly great amv should be so passionate, so full of energy, it should leave you breathless and exhausted by the end of it.

    If you hope to be a Digimon amver and need some help, feel free to drop me a line! I'm on AIM (pinky75910), and Yahoo (digipinky759102000). Best way to reach me is probably email or Instant Message. If your name isn't anime or amv related, please email me first so I know I can trust you.

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Digimon Adventures 2
Digimon Frontier
Vision of Escaflowne, The
Magic Knight Rayearth (TV Series 1)
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Slayers (TV)
Excel Saga

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    • Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
    • Action
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    • Drama
  • Heero will Survive (2003-09-23)
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    • Diana Ross and the Supremes "I Will Survive"
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    • Digimon Movie 2: Our War Game
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    • Takahashi Naozumi Wormmon's Theme: "Kimi ga Yume Mita Mira, Boku ga Yume Mita Mirai" (The Future You Dreamed of, the Future I Dreamed of)
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    • Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Impression That I Get
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  • Dreams of Takari (2004-05-31)
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  • Faded Colors (2004-09-30)
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    • Fuel Innocent
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    • Character Profile
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  • The Digital Giant (2005-01-14)
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    • The Iron Giant Trailer Audio
    • Digimon Movie 5: The Adventurer's Battle
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    • Voodoo & Serano Overload
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  • Davis's Journey (2005-09-16)
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    • Sum 41 Makes No Difference
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    • Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Trailer Audio
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    • Journey Don`t Stop Believing
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