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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: Wormmon's Lament - Past, Present, and the Futures We Dream of
  • Premiered: 2003-11-29
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    • Takahashi Naozumi Wormmon's Theme: "Kimi ga Yume Mita Mira, Boku ga Yume Mita Mirai" (The Future You Dreamed of, the Future I Dreamed of)
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  • Comments: This vid took me about 2 weeks to do since I have to share the computer now.

    I've seen enough vids about the evil Ken, but not one about his good side. No wonder he's depressed. The first time I heard this song, before I read the translation, I was all misty-eyed. No matter what anyone says, Wormmon is truly a partner to be proud of, and an honor to be paired with. Not only that, but heck, the little guy oughta be headin to Broadway!

    The stage is set as Wormmon tries one last time to beg the Digimon Emperor to give up his evil ways, and return to the once kind and gentle Ken that was his friend. Wormmon tells Ken about a future he dreams of, Ken becoming a hero who fights by the side of his DigiDestined friends to protect both worlds. Wormmon knows however, even if Ken manages to overcome this current situation, there will be more struggles ahead. Wormmon will always be by his side.

    Hitori ja nai
    You're not alone

    Don't give up

    Donna toki demo
    I will always

    Mamoru kara...
    protect you...

    I particularly like my little warp-digivolution dance towards the end, and my montage ending. What do you think? Let me know: Do you think I should subtitle this? Would that help or hurt it?

    This vid is for my buddy Hillary, (and all Ken fans everywhere.) Without Ken, Hills would not have joined us.

    For complete lyrics - go to

    Enjoy! And Thanks for Watching!

    PS - I lied. I always love to see more new Digimon vids! Especially about Ken! ^_~

    Hey you fellow AMVer. Are you dling this vid because you want to see it, or just to steal my footage? Guess what! You dont have to steal! I love watching Digimon music videos as much as making them. If you need footage, Contact me and well see what we can work out, Id love to help! Ive got lots of it.

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