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This is Kris (aka. Phade) and I would like to welcome you to www.AnimeMusicVideos.org. My goal with this web site is to create a place where people who enjoy and create anime music videos can get together, share ideas, learn from one another, and ultimately have everyone creating and enjoying better videos.

I have recently stepped down from being an administrator of the site. However, in my place are a number of staff whose job it is to keep the website running. If you have any questions, please read the FAQ before contacting an admin.


   General Site Admin, Policy, and Forum Issues - Please see this thread

   Donation Inquiries - donations@animemusicvideos.org

   Site Code Issues - derobert

   Video Catalog Entry Issues - Vlad G Pohnert

If you do not know who to contact about a certain issue then please email the admin@animemusicvideos.org account.


   Version 2 (current):

     Kris McCormic (Phade) -- Programmed all sections except the forum.
     Ryan Belisle (::ReeBoot::) -- Site design layout and default color.
     Anthony DeRobertis (derobert) -- Server config and general site help.

   Version 1:

     Kris McCormic (Phade) -- Programmed all sections with the following exceptions...
     Daniel Clark (Fanguad) -- new_anime.php

Some icons are from famfamfam.

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