Welcome to the guides section. Here will be some guides to help you on the site and to create good anime music videos. If you would like to have a guide posted here, please send it to in plain text format (.txt)or HTML and ziped.

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General Theory Guides:

  • Phade's Guide to Good Anime Music Videos January 29, 2001 October 31, 2002 This guide is a general overview of what makes a good anime music video. If you have never tried to create and AMV, please read this guide first. Once you have finished, please read all other guide BEFORE starting to create your own AMV and BEFORE posting questions on the Help Forums. Doing this will (hopefully) keep you from looking stupid. ;-)
  • Kalium's AMV Theory Primer December 29, 2004 This guide looks at numerous facets of editing theory including Synch, Concept and Effects.

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