The ultimate goal of any anime music video creator is to make a good video. The ultimate goal of any anime music video is to entertain. Here is a brief guide on how to accomplish that goal.


Before you get started on your own video, you must first figure out what is a good anime music video and what makes it good. Figuring this out isn't some 10 minute revelation. You have to watch many videos over and over again that are considered good. Watch them closely. Watch them several times in a row. Why is the video good? Be sure to view a minimum of Phade's Required Viewing. Figure it out and then try to do what they did.

Then watch some mediocre videos. Why are they mediocre? What makes them mediocre? What could the creator have done to make the video better? (Now don't get too cocky here about what they could have done better. There are be plenty of legitimate reasons why they didn't make it as good as they could: insufficient equipment, insufficient time, insufficient footage, not enough effort, or they just plain got tired of making the video and just wrapped it up.) At any rate, notice what could have been done better and try to avoid what they did: learn what not to do. I'm not going to give you a list of mediocre videos; I'm sure you've found some on your own. =)


The next question may come as something you may not have thought of: Why should you make an anime music video?

Contrary to popular belief: creating an anime music video does not make you cool. This misunderstood belief is the cause of the majority of the crappy videos out there. What will make you cool is creating a video that is appreciated by your fellow creators and AMV fans. So, contribute a video to the world that represents the best of your abilities, is a fresh concept, and is a video that you believe will be appreciated by others.

So now that you've gotten a general idea of what to do and what not to do, it is time to start on your own video.

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