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  • So I finished a new vid... 2011-06-26 03:11:30 Looking back, I think this might be my new fav, but of course I probably think that about all my latest vids. Other than that, I think I like "Do you want to start" and another I haven't posted here yet, "What the Goggles See".

    Looking back, I'd like to think I've improved a bit. Man, it's really shameful some of the poor footage I have in some of these amvs. I like "Goggles" enough I think to re-make it with quality footage. "Start" has such little beat synch in it, I dunno if it'd be worth it too.

    I feel like in addition to footage quality, I feel my vids lack a certain finesse to them that many other vids seem to have. That no matter how hard I work on them, they're still just gonna be average... hmm...  
  • Dead Man's Deck 2006-10-09 13:21:41 Hey Everyone! Just letting you know I've finished a new YGO Trailer. They've seemed popular in the past, I hope you enjoy it!  
  • KH Recommended Forum! 2006-09-09 03:08:09 So Many KH vids! So many that suck, it's hard to find the good ones.

    Please give your support at this Forum for a KH Recommended Forum!!! 
  • Return of the Pirates! 2006-04-09 13:50:52 Check it out everyone! I have finally posted the full-quality full size version of my most popular vid: Duelists of Battle City! If I can get hold of the audio of the new Pirates movie, maybe I'll consider a sequel.

    Also - remember to check out my Faded Colors vid everybody!!! 
  • "New" Vid! : 2006-03-17 16:21:34 AHHH!!! I look back on my vids and I see of all of them I have one sad lil vid that after almost two years still has not received a single comment or opinion. There must be a reason. I decide to re-download it to see just how terrible it must be, and discover a problem. IT DOESN'T WORK. After all this time, it's just been sitting there and no one's been able to download it!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Why didn't anyone tell me?! I got ONE Download problem!

    Well, I got it fixed now I think - Please visit my vid - Digimon Adventure 2, "Innocent" by "Fuel" - "Faded Colors." Thank you! 
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