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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: Heero will Survive
  • Premiered: 2003-09-23
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    • Diana Ross and the Supremes "I Will Survive"
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  • Comments: Canít believe Iím the first to think this up.

    My 2nd and a half vid. My first vid, also Gundam Wing, is to the Golden Slumbers Medley by the Beatles. My second was a quick little entry in a vid-making contest with a friend of mine that maybe doesnít fully count as itís not posted here. And now this. Hopefully with each vid I make, my vids improve.

    It seems comedy is a much harder medium than drama, but I hope the people out there may get a snicker or a giggle. After this, Iím switching gears and doing different animes for music videos. I had fun making this, but as it is a love song, some parts were a challenge to match up.

    I think ďI Will SurviveĒ is not only a match for Heero and possibly Relena, or any other character involved with this show, but as I hope to illustrate in my vid, a fine description of the nature of H and Rís relationship. No, not *that* relationship. The one we all know is *really* there. This, my friends is a break up song. And for those of you who are really anti-H+R, there is a particular scene which can be interpreted in a number of ways I put in just for you. Don't worry the rest of you, it's only there if you look for it.

    When starting, the lyrics were so tricky, I was planning on doing one verse about Heero, and the second about Relena, but things managed to go so much more fun for Heero that it became what you see here. I probably could have redone it a number of different ways Ė all about Heero, half and half, or all about Relena. (But who wants to see a video all about Relena?) The beginning part of the vid focuses on Heero, Relena, and Duo. Donít worry, no matter which way you swing thereís something here for everyone. During the last verse, the other Gundam pilots come out of the woodwork for the big finale.

    As you watch, Ask yourself, who is this vid about? Who is singing the song? Who is surviving? Heero? Or Relena?

    Someone called this vid, an ďunholy combination of Gundam and Disco.Ē I took it as a compliment. Enjoy.


    Now Down and Not for Direct Download at present time. Feel Free to Email to view vid.

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