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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: This One's For Joe
  • Premiered: 2004-03-20
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    • Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Impression That I Get
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  • Comments: This Oneís for Joe. We all know Joe. Even those of us who donít know Joe Kido of Digimon, or even my good buddy Joe C. We all know Joe. That kid. Maybe he doesn't seem like the hero-type like Matt or Tai. But stick around, he may surprise you. My Joe has recently joined the army and is set to head to Afghanistan soon. Joe C. doesnít even like Digimon, but I made this anyway. ^_^

    Ever since I got the Digimon Movie soundtrack, I was trying to see the reasoning beyond each song selection and trying to apply it to Digimon. Hee hee, I see now that at the time, before I was making videos, I was already doing it in my head. Later, I particularly liked this song and wanted to do a video to it with Digimon because of the line, ďIím not a coward, Iíve just never been tested,Ē cause that sounds a lot like Digimon. So I thought, okay, who would say that? I picked Joe.

    This vid is about Joe Kido. He doesnít think heís brave, and is comparing himself to Matt and Tai and everyone else. But in reality, when push comes to shove, Joe can be the bravest guy out there, leading the charge. I've also put in a few of my own little jokes and puns.

    After putzing around scouting and collecting footage for this vid for about a week or two Ė (there was a lot, and it was hard cause Joeís in the entire season! He actually has more cool scenes than I woulda guessed!) This was originally going to be a Char Profile/JoeMi Romance, but there was so much stuff, I ran outta time, but youíll see that influence. Once I got started actually making the vid, I got it done in about 2 days Ė my fastest time ever! That was last December. Over Spring Break I just wanted to clear up a few things here and there, and now itís ready for you lucky people. When I first made it before I added my title and a few little touches, it was about 8 megs. Donít know what happened. Well, I hope you enjoy!

    Hey you Ė fellow AMVer. Are you dling this vid because you want to see it, or just to steal my footage? Guess what! You donít have to steal! I love watching Digimon music videos as much as making them. If you need footage, Contact me and weíll see what we can work out, Iíd love to help! Iíve got lots of it.

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