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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: Rika's Blindness
  • Premiered: 2003-01-03
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    • Linkin Park P5HNG ME A*WY
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  • Comments: This is a character profile on Renamon, NOT Rika.

    THERE IS AN ERROR IN THIS VIDEO!!!!! In the credits, it says that this video was made on request for starsetter. THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!! It was made on request for starwire. STARWIRE!!! God, I am SO STUPID!

    The technical aspects:

    Well, While doing this video(On request by starwire) I was expirementing with text effects. I found some pretty cool ones ^.^ I made Text transparent, so the video clip could only be seen through the text. It's kind of like the effect you get on the commercial about being a "VERB" but cooler and not 3D.
    I also have some cool transparency effects near the end, and some zooming out to go with the fading of lyrics.
    Yes, I KNOW I didn't take the FoxKids logo out. Go ahead and count off points for that, because I'm lazy. Other then that, I have some inverting of "special points".
    Besides the fact that I didn't take the foxkids bug out, this was the hardest video I've ever done. I used more special effects than any other video(That includes my Outlaw Star vid) and it took me a very long time to do. I re-did the introduction (during the fast beginnign beats of the song) three times. It used to have lots of still pictures. And I entirely redid the whole thing about three times.

    I only had TWO episodes to work with. Yes, TWO!
    And with those two episodes, I worked miracles. The two episodes I had were number 3 and 4 of tamers. I had more episodes thanks to Fatty_VM, but I lost two of them, and Premiere wouldn't read the rest ><

    *~I really like this video. A remaster is in progress.~*

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