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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: The Digital Giant
  • Premiered: 2005-01-14
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    • The Iron Giant Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: UPDATE!!! : March 17, 2006: I have finally fixed the link to "Faded Colors" and it should work now! Please check it out! Thanks!

    Firstly and foremostly, I must give kudos to Ally aka izumi and to Kazemon15 (Erinn). They both endured ridiculous amounts of nagging and begging and returned helpful footage to me. Without their help, this vid would have possible. It just wouldn’t have been nearly as cool. Both are truly excellent AMVers so go check ‘em out! Thanks guys!!

    I’ve been working on this trailer for about three months. Not steadily, I’ve had work, Christmas and other stuff rob me of precious amving time, so I was often lucky if I could get one good day’s work in a week, or a couple lousy day’s work in a few hours a night. Yes, I was crazy enough to attempt another trailer after I swore, “Never again!” But Digimon needed one, ne? It occurred to me that Digimon Tamers had the kind of theme of some kind of alien/conspiracy movie and was ripe with trailer possibilities. But what movie? I tried everything – Men In Black, Independence Day, I couldn’t make it fit. I finally settled on The Iron Giant, a movie I still have never seen. I hope I have done right by you good people.

    I saw once someone said – “Every anime’s had a Matrix trailer to it now.” Hmm… Neither Yu-Gi-Oh nor Digimon has one… Hmmm… Anyone else has any unique ideas they’d like to see, feel free to send them my way for consideration!

    *Special Note - I did make one alteration to the Iron Giant Trailer Audio. There's a part where the giant robot eats a car, and it makes a car honk noise. I couldn't find anyway of making that make sense, so I took out the car noise and put in a Happy Guilmon noise instead!

    **Another Special Note - Before you mark me as sucking at lip synch, I decided to try something different in this vid. There's plenty of dialogue, but I didn't use as much lip synch as ya normally find. There were a lot of great scenes where people weren't currently talking and I felt these scenes fit the part best. A different feel I'm trying out. Obviously, like always, there was a ton of scenes I wish I had in but ultimately did not find a place here in my vid. I hope you enjoy. ^_^

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