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  • Member: Murf
  • Studio: Nocturnal Studios
  • Title: Inside Dungeons & Dragons
  • Premiered: 2002-09-15
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    • Deadale Wives Dungeons & Dragons
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    This is a humor sketch done by the Deadale Wives (a comedy group) poking fun at D&D (the game, not the horrible movie). It's told like one of those specials on TV saying, "D&D is turning your kids into Satan worshippers!" but in a joking manner.

    The host is played by Katsuhiko Jinnai of El Hazard fame...
    The D&D scenarios use Slayers (using Goury and Zelgadis)
    And the D&D players include Kenshin Himura, Sanosuke Sagara, and one of Sano's friends. Plus a fourth player who makes calls from the kitchen is played by everyone's favorite drunk NERV employee, Misato Katsuragi.

    Now, I later found out that this same sound clip can be found on the game Summoner, but I didn't learn that until AFTER the video was finished! So yeah...

    This sound clip was discovered by me and friend Jason through word of mouth from one of our former workmates, Ben. Well, Jason and I downloaded this clip from the Deadale Wives website and after hearing this, I decided... it's video time!

    The first step with any sketch bit, or video that requires a cast... I figure the cast out first. The first person cast was Jinnai as the host, simply for the reason that Jinnai's appearance just fit the character. Next was Kenshin, but originally as the part now played by Random Sano Friend. Why Kenshin you ask? Well, in Episode 5 Kenshin and the rest of these guys were gambling on dice, and I needed a shot of dice, so I captured this. After watching this scene... it was decided the Kenshin & Co. would be the players. With Sano and constant frustration with everyone else making him the Dungeon Master.

    Random Sano Friend was chosen simply for his presence in the room. But Misato as the mysterious person from the kitchen... we wanted a shot from a kitchen... and I could think of but one example of a kitchen worth using from entire collection. When watching Eva to get this, I watched Misato pop her head from around the corner, and thus Mysterious Far-Off Player was cast.

    Finally, it was decided that Slayers would be used for the "In-Game footage" using Gourry as Galstaf, and Zelgadis as "The Elf"

    The cast was assembled... video was in production. There wasn't much in the way of scene picking because I needed mostly shots of people talking. Besides, scene selection wsan't the problem for this video. There is alot of talking... and those lip don't just happen to match up.

    I spent a good total of 5 days (about 4 hours a day) getting that damn lip sync to work. And it payed off in the end, with the best lip-sync I've ever done, and some of the best I think I've ever seen in a video. After the lip-sync was finished, I went through the "Touch-up" phase fixing all my little gripes. And the video was done.

    This is by-far the funniest thing I've made. My parent's thought it was funny, and they don't understand a damn thing about anime. So watch it, laugh at it, and most of all, show your friends. It's good geeky fun.

    - Murf

    CREATOR UPDATE: Ironically, I now play D&D.... ^_^

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