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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: Let Your Spirit Evolve
  • Premiered: 2003-12-18
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    • Pokemon 2.B.A Master OST Everything Changes
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  • Comments: 5/29/04: Reached 100 Local Downloads!

    UPDATE: 4/30/04
    Wow, I've really been seeing a strong fan reaction to this video! It seems a fairly simple vid to me, but that's me I suppose.. I'm glad people have been enjoying it, so much so, that I am presenting to you a higher quality version on Direct Download! That's right! Check it out! 15 megs of joy! Think of it as a graduation gift!

    My first attempt at any kind of a dance video. It's not all dance, but prolly at least half. Wanted to do something a little stylish. I can never picture this song with anything other than Digimon. There was so much I wanted to put into this video. It's also the first vid that a special effect helped inspire the vid, the part where the rookies evolving spin around. I hope that came out right. Also, my first attempt at doing a small edit to the music.

    I was gonna have more of the megas and TK's Crest, and everything, but I just ran out of time. There are a few places with accidental lip sync, which is interesting. I'm really happy all the Evolution "dance steps" worked out as well as they did.

    One of the trickiest parts of making this video was making the Digivice clock "tick." I couldn't make it "move" naturally, it kept going too fast. Well, editors often notice more flaws than the average viewer ^_^ Hope you enjoy.

    Comments appreciated.

    UPDATE: 4/2/2008- HagarenViper has made a remastered version of this video! Go check it out!!!

    Hey you fellow AMVer. Are you dling this vid because you want to see it, or just to steal my footage? Guess what! You dont have to steal! I love watching Digimon music videos as much as making them. If you need footage, Contact me and well see what we can work out, Id love to help! Ive got lots of it.

    Alright friends, How'd you like to give back to the amv community? I would love to make a sequel to this video to Season 02. I just need a killer song to do it to. I'd prefer prolly a slow emotional song, prolly around 4-5 min in length. Something with repeating choruses and things and stuff so I can fade scenes together. I feel the theme of 02 is "Forgiveness," so I've been looking into that angle. Any help or clues would be appreciated, but I'm being very picky. If I choose your song, I will credit you in the description.

    I'm also considering doing a movie trailer about Tamers. Any movie suggestions are encouraged. Thank you for your time.

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