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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: Faded Colors
  • Premiered: 2004-09-30
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    • Fuel Innocent
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  • Comments: UPDATE!!! : March 16, 2006!!! Yes, Believe it or not, after almost two years of being listed here on the Org without an op, I discover the problem. NO ONE CAN DOWNLOAD IT! I hope I've got the problem fixed! Gomen!!! x_x

    Ah, Drama, Back to the ol standard! Had quite a kooky summer, and I haven’t been AMVing for a bit, but the Side-Character Challenge inspired me to get back in the game!

    Given the high popular reaction and my own personal favoritism toward my “Evolution” vid, I wanted to make a “sequel,” or a Season 02 version answer to it. Searched a long while for the perfect song to use. I decided that Season 02 is about “Forgiveness”- First, they must forgive the monsters that involuntarily fought our heroes against their will. Next, they must forgive another child who did evil against them out of grief and despair. Ultimately, they must learn to forgive themselves for the awful things they must do for the greater good.

    So, first I looked for “forgiveness” songs, even posting on the Forum for suggestions, but it was hard to find things that weren’t about old romances or something (found a bunch of songs that might do for a Kenyako romance or something.) Finally, of all places, at a hotel I turned on the tv and caught “Who’s Line?” and saw Wayne Brady doing one of his song styles things to a “Sting” song. Somehow, he reminded me of Enya’s “Return to Innocence,” but somehow, he was doing an impression of a song that sounded close to the feel I wanted. I continued my search, but it was still looking grim. I was determined to make this song, “Innocent” by Fuel work – Musta listened to it ten times before images of Season 02 finally came to me. I made some quick notes, and about a week later, I had this.

    In this vid I try to show the darker side of Digimon, the inner struggles of many of the characters. I am concerned with a few nit-picky things on the ending, but for the most part I think this turned out alright. I hope you enjoy!

    My friends have given me mixed reactions to this vid, I’m interested in what you have to say! Call 1800-Lactose and give your opinion today! Or, do it the old fashioned way and click the button at the bottom of your screen. C’mon, you know you wanna!

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