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  • Members: pinky75910, FelinaSan
  • Title: Duelists of Battle City - The Curse of the Battle Ship
  • Premiered: 2004-05-31
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    • Pirates of The Caribbean Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: ***I have made a sequel to this vid! Check out Duelists of Domino City - Dead Man's Deck!!!***

    April 9, 2006 - Behold! After all this time, I give you the full-size sparkly edition of my most popular vid!

    My first Trailer! What happens when you’re surfing for yu-gi-oh icons, then watch a Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer at, and one of the icons just happened to be of Bakura saying “’Allo poppet,”? You get this. It’s actually a good fit. I am very proud of this vid, which is not easy for many amvers to say about their own stuff. It took me one week to create my index files, and two weeks to actually edit the video. It was slower going for this vid as opposed to many of my other vids. Sometimes I’d spend all night just on five seconds of video! Lip synch is a serious pain. Joey, Tristan, and most of the time Yugi were good boys and said everything I told them to. Mai was extremely cooperative in a small role. Marik however, chose to be difficult. As much trouble as it was, I think my lip synch came out rather well. I could tell you the cast, but as Pegasus would say, “What fun would that be?” Not sure if I will be doing another trailer anytime soon, this was a lot of work. Enjoy the vid!

    If anyone is clever with Paint, or Adobe Photoshop or all those fun things, maybe someone would like to make a “movie poster” for this. I have some good images if you’d like to make a collage or something, and if I like it, I may put it in on the video, with credit to you of course.

    Wasn't sure if I ought to make one of those green "you're about to watch a trailer" type sign things. I prolly wouldn't know how to do the font anyway, and I think it prolly works out okay.

    Special thanks to my friend FelinaSan for her help on still photography for the "You're a pirate" scene. ^_^

    4/29/05 - 1,010 people have downloaded this silliness.

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