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  • Member: pinky75910
  • Title: The Journey of Digimon Adventure Continues On
  • Premiered: 2003-09-23
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    • Digimon All Stars with Wada Kouji, AiM Bokura no Digital World; Our Digital World (Memorial theme)
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  • Comments: UPDATE: JULY 2ND:

    I've decided the vid quality in this file is really terrible, and I am currently, (finally) undergoing the Remastering! At long last you'll have this vid the way it should be seen! Shiny and Sparkly New!

    Even before I started making amvís, when I heard this song, man, it hit me hard..
    I imagined all the chars from the show, swaying and holding shoulders in one gigantic sing-along. Unfortunately of course, that scene wasnít in the show, so I had to make do.

    I had many goals for this vid, being the first of my favorite ever series, and my first foray out of Gundam.

    1.) Create an ultra-cool vid dedicated to my favorite series, a tribute to those who already knew itís greatness, and a guilt-trip for those of you whoíve missed it on Fox.
    2.) My first vid in a Japanese song Ė The lyrics tell the story of Digimon and tribute it so well, I stuck close to them for much of the vid. Hopefully, the images Iíve selected will tell you the story in case you donít understand Japanese.
    3.) My first attempt at lip-sync Ė This was really hard! Hopefully it was worth it!
    4.) Give equal time to both Season 01 and Season 02, creating an overview of both seasons.

    If you canít think of anything to say for an opinion, mention how warm and fuzzy it made you feel, and how well Iíve met my goals. I am contemplating subtitling it, entirely or in part. That depends on you guys at home.

    Basically, this song is about the Chosen Children, or DigiDestined, and their Digimon partners who wish to thank the Digital World itself for bringing them together and giving them all these adventures and friends which have made them all stronger people.

    Here are the lyrics to the song, Translated by Megchan.

    ***Feel free to email or contact me for this vid. I will likely remake this vid when I have a moment. The image quality is awful fuzzy, and I've gotten hold of better footage since then. It'll be better than ever! Mwahahahahahahaha!

    Hey you Ė fellow AMVer. Are you dling this vid because you want to see it, or just to steal my footage? Guess what! You donít have to steal! I love watching Digimon music videos as much as making them. If you need footage, Contact me and weíll see what we can work out, Iíd love to help! Iíve got lots of it.

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