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  • Profile: I got started in all this as many probably have. I watched someone elses work and was inspired. Specifically, I was watching a Gundam Wing AMV done to Creed's "What If" by Brian Burns. It was the most impressive thing I had seen at the time. He became my temporary hero (he still is kinda ^_^). At that time I had been taping the Midnight Run episodes of Gundam Wing on Toonami and decided that I'd like to give video creation a shot. I found an old WinTV card laying around, plopped it in, and set to work with my VCR. The results of my experiment aren't spectacular, but they were/are encouraging.

    After that I was constantly throwing ideas around in my head but not creating. When I got my newer, faster computer I started to think more seriously about it. I eventually churned out my second video and a third, which brings us up to date.

    I still have thousands of unmade videos in my head, some developed and reasonable, some not. I'm hoping that when I'm able to distribute my videos to a wide range of people I'll get some comments and criticisms. Those should in turn make my videos better and theory. ^_^

    My current project:

    I'm working on remastering 'Pain & Loss' at the moment, but as I haven't shown it to anyone nobody will know the difference. ^_~ For some reason I'm on a remastering kick. I think it's because I keep watching 'Rhythm Animation' over and over and over ad nauseum. I swear that video has the best output quality I've seen yet. That and learning to rip DVDs correctly thanks to ErMaC's guide. So many thanks there to Lee Thompson (Lostboy) and Justin Emerson (ErMaC).

    So I'm thinking that once 'Pain & Loss' is done I'll put it into the MindWarp contest that's coming up. I don't really expect to even come close to winning anything, but it would be nice to try, ne? I've already entered 'The Beginning'. I don't really expect to win anything, but I'm really in it for the guaranteed exposure to at least the MindWarp crew. ^_^

    My next new project will be SMJ to 'What I Like About You' by The Romantics. And since I've been watching Batman Beyond on Toonami, I've also got an idea for a video to that intro. I won't let out more than that. ^_^

    Here are some other projects that I'm brainstorming for:

    Sister Hazel - All For You - SMJ
    Edo Boys - No One Sleep In Tokyo - BGC: Tokyo 2040
    E Nomine - Vater Unser - Slayers Try
    Two-Mix - Naked Dance - BGC: Tokyo 2040
    Oni - Trailer - Evangelion
    Rob Zombie - Scum Of The Earth - Gundam Wing (Zechs)
    The Echoing Green - Liberation - Endless Waltz
    Guano Apes - Big In Japan - BGC: Tokyo 2040 (Priss)
    Midi Maestro - FF6 Terra's Theme Remix - Record Of Lodoss War

    If anyone knows of a good song that would go with BurnUp W, send that my way. I've been itching to do a video with that since I started 'Pain & Loss'. Actually, that video was supposed to be a BurnUp W only vid. I didn't think that the footage would make it through the whole song, so I went ahead and stuck some other animes in there as well. Anyway, yeah. That'd be spiffindifulous.

    Also, there is one idea that is so uber-original that I'm ont even going to share it. When I get it done......well, it'll be great! ^_^ But first..............must watch Mobile Suit Gundam until I'm sick of it.

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