JOURNAL: Deathscythe587 (Sekushii Pants)

  • Mmmm...... 2001-11-03 21:31:30 Initial D Nonstop Mega Mix........good tunage.

    That is all..... 
  • "Impossible is just a word to make people feel better when they quit." -Vyse, Skies of Arcadia 2001-11-02 04:25:23 Bleh....I'm suffering from a distinct lack of motivation. I've ripped half the source for my Pain & Loss remake and I really have no desire at the moment to rip the rest. I've got about a dozen new ideas, but the sources for the two I really want to do are in California. Most of the other ideas are only half developed in my head.

    I think my job has something to do with it too. Some days I just get home so late that I'm really not up to putting the effort into editing. I have to finish Shenmue too. Plus I've got the RPG bug.....again. I restarted Skies of Arcadia, bought Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy Chronicles is on the way from Amazon.....those wishlists are actually worth something it seems. ^_^

    Oh well. I'm sure next week will be better for me. For now, I'm just going to pay my bills off and ship some stuff out to my girlfriend for her birthday. Hmmm.....I have to return Cowboy Bebop to her friend too. Guess it's time to watch Mushroom Samba one last time. ^_~ 
  • Another one bites the dust...... 2001-10-08 01:50:46 I'm now in the process of rendering the remastered version of The Beginning. Yay. I have to say, using source right from the DVDs really makes a difference. That and learning to use TMPGEnc right. ^_^

    I just figured out how to play with time stretching in Video Factory. It should have been quite obvious, but for some reason 'playback rate' didn't register in my head until tonight. ^_^" It came in handy kinda. Now I don't have people's lips flapping around when there's no words. ^_^

  • Ahhhhh...........*relaxes* 2001-10-01 02:43:21 MAN! Does it feel good to get that damn video done! Actually, I finished it yesterday, being that it's about 1:45AM. That middle sequence took entirely too much time. Loads longer than I thought it would. Maybe that's a sign that I'm improving. *looks at sequence again* Okay, maybe not. -_-"

    So what to do now? I have three options open to me at this point: remaster 'The Beginning', remaster 'Pain & Loss', start new project. The other remastering projects shouldn't take long because I know there's nothing I want to change...I've already done that. Bah, I'll decide later. I've got time on my hands tomorrow so I can flip coins all day if I want. ^_^" 
  • Argh... >_<* 2001-09-28 17:37:28 I need to put in some overtime this weekend on my 'Superman' remastering project this weekend. I want to change around one entire sequence of about....20-30 seconds because it looke so awful the first time. Problem is I need to find some high-action clips to stick in there and I can't come up with anything off the top of my head. I'll have to go back and watch some of the episodes.

    I want to get all of this done by Sunday at the latest. Sunday would be the "one year anniversary" of said I want to get to work on my next project. Either that or I'll rip the clips for my 'Pain & Loss' video and redo that. I know I don't have to change anything there because I already went back and did that many times before. ^_^"

    Of course, once I get all these done I'll try to find a place to put them. Hopefully there will be some word from Phade and/or Quu about hosting soon... 
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