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  • Member: Khandreia
  • Studio: Vulture Studios
  • Title: Tiffa's Eden
  • Premiered: 2001-10-19
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    • Sarah Brightman Eden
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  • Comments: My second video. Yeah, I know I used another Sarah Brightman song, but as I was listening to this song a few weeks ago while doing some pre-production work on another upcoming GX video, some of the images here suddenly popped into my head, and, well, if the shoe fits...

    Anyway, yes, this is another Gundam X character profile video, this time being primarily centered on the lead female character (and my most favorite female anime character overall), Tiffa Adill, and her connection to Garrod Ran, the main hero of the series. I tried to show their progression throughout the series, from Garrod being a nervous wreck around a girl like her in the beginning all the way to the two 15-year-olds' near-unbreakable bond by the end with a sort of "happily ever after" ending. And because of the rather ethereal nature of the song, it was easy to use many scenes of Tiffa's various psychic visions and dreams, as well as other similar scenes that show her quiet and gentle nature. Other fans of the show should understand what I'm talking about here.

    As for the technical aspects of this... Yes, I used fansubs with Windows Movie Maker once again, since I'm poor and can't find raw GX footage, but the sound quality is still pretty good (a .wav ripped from my CD), and the picture quality is so-so (but still quite good for being made in Movie Maker, I would think). I tried very hard to use as much footage that didn't have any subbing in it as possible, and if it did have subbing, I tried to make it so it would somehow relate to the lyrics/music (such as Garrod saying "No, you're wrong" to Tiffa during the "Did I ever think of you as my enemy" verse). The timing could've been a lot better on many of the scenes too, and I think that's one of the biggest downfalls of this particular video.

    Overall, even though this was my second AMV, I think my first one was better, since I'd really put my heart and soul into that one. This one just came out of nowhere, with 10 days passing in between the conception of the idea and the completion of the video, whereas my other one was more carefully planned out. Just call this a learning experience... *shrug*

    9/9/2002: Because I want to keep the bandwidth for my site relatively stable, I've removed this video from my site indefinitely. I'f you'd still like to get it, I suggest either looking around on file-sharing programs, or you can e-mail me and we can arrange something from there.

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