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  • Member: Deathscythe587
  • Studio: Digital Baka Productions
  • Title: Pain & Loss
  • Premiered: not yet
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  • Song:
    • The Offspring Gone Away
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  • Comments: Title: Pain & Loss

    ---Artist: The Offspring
    ---Album: Ixnay on the Hombre
    ---Track: Gone Away

    Video: Various including...
    ---Birdy the Mighty
    ---Bubblegum Crisis
    ---BurnUp W
    ---Gundam Wing
    ---Neon Genesis Evangelion
    ---Ninja Scroll
    ---Outlaw Star
    ---Record of Lodoss War
    ---Saber Marionette J
    ---Slayers: The Motion Picture
    ---Tenchi Muyo!
    ---Tenchi Muyo! Daughter Of Darkness

    ---Video capture: ATI video-in capture
    ---Video editing: Sonic Foundry Video Factory 1.0
    ---Video compression: TMPG Encoder
    ---Audio recording: Sonic Foundry Siren Jukebox 2.0
    ---Still image capture: MGI VideoWave III
    ---Still image editing: Microsoft Windows Paint

    As of August 20th, 2001, this video is completely finished. I had finished it originally back in late May/early June, but in a fit of boredom, I went back, recaptured the video in high quality, and re-worked it. I used 640x480 uncompressed AVIs and a 44.1KHz 192Kbps MP3 I recorded from the CD. I cleaned up the cuts and transitions, added a couple overlays, and generally did everything better than before. When I finished it up in Video Factory, I render it as uncompressed AVI and used TMPG to compress an MPEG-1 file using ErMaC's guide on the subject, which helped immensely. Many thanks to him on that.

    I'm rather proud of the results. I thought I might save this and enter it into the contest at ACen 2K2, but I figure that's more than half a year away and I can probably come up with something even better in that much time.

    If this video taught me anything, it's that working with a bunch of different animes is both a blessing and a pain in the @$$. It's nice to have many resources to pull footage from, but it's a real pain when you can't find anything from any anime to fit 'that one part'. This is the first video where I actually went for some emotional theme. The previous two I've done are pretty much straight forward entertainment. It's also the first video I have seen, at least at, that uses footage from Birdy the Mighty (Tetsuwan Birdy). Yay me!

    Any lip sync, and there are a few places where it happens, in completely coincidental. I *could* do the lip sync, but I don't want to do so at this point. I might do it in a future update if I get really bored. For the original version I used mostly MGI VideoWave III for editing purposes. Toward the end, I decided that I wanted to do a few overlay effects in the middle sequences. Thanks to TaranT I was able to learn some about Sonic Foundry Video Factory and got my hands on that. It worked beautifully for what I wanted to do. Whether it looks any good is up to you.

    --------Update 5/24/01 (80%)--------

    I think I've hit a huge pothole here. I need a whole lot more footage if I'm gonna finish this one. Looks like I'm gonna have to dig through my collection and capture more to fill out the last minute and a half or so. I guess it's not so bad. I'm trying to stick to a strict theme so I suppose I'd have one problem or another right?

    --------Update 5/16/01 (70%)--------

    Well, the middle section actually went a little smoother than I had anticipated. Maybe I'm just getting better at it or I got lucky. Currently I have about 190 seconds done that I won't be changing. I have more clipped out, but I don't really like it. I need to capture some more video. I need more Gundam Wing and I wasn't able to get any Ninja Scroll video before because of some strange goings on with my capture software, but I think I may try again as I really need the new footage. I may also add Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 to the list, but I'm as yet unsure if it will work out. Perhaps Tenchi Forever as well, but again, I don't know if it'll fit.

    --------Update 5/12/01 (30%)--------

    Well, most of the footage is captured. I reserve the right to go back at anytime and capture more. Seems my new video card (ATI Radeon 64MB DDR) is working out well. Of course, I've got an entirely new system behind it as well, including twice the memory I used to have, but now I'm going off on a tangent. I've got about 90 to 100 seconds done the way I like it, but I have a feeling things will be moving a bit slower now that I'm into the middle of the song. It always way around it. On another note, I've made some changes to my Evangelion video. I'll probably upload it soon with a brand new title. And I am, of course, still waiting on the Gundam Wing DVDs...won't be until September that I have that redone. Perhaps by the one year anniversary.....that'd be cool. ^_^

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