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  • Member: Big Big Truck
  • Studio: Big Big Truck Productions
  • Title: Failed Experiments in Video Editing
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Allison Kraus - O Brother Where Art Thou sdtk Down In The River To Pray
    • Filter Nice Shot
    • Gorillaz Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)
    • Handsome Boy's Modeling School (Dan the Automator) Truth (feat. Moloko & J-Live)
    • Perry Como Papa Loves Mambo
    • Pizzicato Five Lupin III - Readymade Young Oh! Oh! Mix
    • Squirrel Nut Zippers Trou Macacq
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    Thanks so much to everyone who left a review - your comments are really appreciated. Unfortunately, due to the number of reviews this video has received, the Opinions page has gotten so cumbersome that I can no longer open it without crashing my browser or freezing my computer, and I am unable (for the time being) to leave responses. I'm very sorry - thank you so much for your kind words.
    --EK (4/12/02)

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    SOFTWARE: Premiere 6, Photoshop 6, Cool Edit Pro
    WORKING TIME: August 25 and 26, 2001
    CONS/AWARDS: AWA 7 Music Video Expo, Best in Show

    The title explains it all.
    This what I ended up doing with the three Cowboy Bebop videos that crashed and burned before I made the two I finally finished and submitted to AWA.

    This is just a goofy vid that some of you editors may relate to. Hope you like it!

    * All drawings are by me, done in Sharpie on paper. I made sure no single drawing took more than 5 minutes, because I knew if it did, I'd get bored and start thinking this was tedious ^^;;
    * I apologize for the pixellation/graininess in the "Nice Shot" segment; all I had left of that AMV was the 320x240 AVI version.
    * Check the cast list at the end.
    * Fonts used on opening and closing credits are Lounge Bait and Klink-o-Mite. You can get them from

    NOTE FOR WIN98 USERS: I've noticed some problems with the audio when playing this file on the Win98 computer, but it sounds fine on the WinNT and Win2000 machines. I don't know if this is a file problem or a problem with this comp's sound. Let me know if you notice any warbling in the audio.
    NOTE 2: Last cartoon drawing mentions 'parodies'... this isn't bashing on parodies in any way, only saying that I seem to only have a knack for parodies, not serious videos.

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