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  • Member: Deathscythe587
  • Studio: Digital Baka Productions
  • Title: The Beginning
  • Premiered: 2001-04-30
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    • Nobuo Uematsu Liberi Fatali
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    Well, what to say about this one? It's Evangelion set to Nobuo Uematsu's 'Liberi Fatali', the theme from Final Fantasy VIII. The footage is from the first two episodes and showcases Shinji and Eva01 versus the Third Angel, Sachiel. There's no real spoilers at all as it is only from the beginning episodes.

    It's hard to say exactly how much time I put into it as I worked on the video off and on for a few days. The most frustrating aspect of the whole thing was the preview limitations in VideoWave III. While the software is better than Windows Movie Maker and OK as a video package, I can't say, after my experiences with it, that I would recommend using it for AMV creation. Trying to sync actions to the audio is a long, painful process.

    What I am proud of was that I kept the video chronological (with a teeny exception that would have looked horrible otherwise) and still had it make sense with the music. As my one reviewer thus far has said, it might be easy to use music like this with Eva but I think, despite the lack of lyrics, that having the video keep up with the music as far as pace and such is still something that needs to be worried over.

    I'm not expecting stellar reviews on this one. It is my second video, but I'm not entirely certain it's better than my first as I had no criticisms other than my own to go on. I'm expecting more or less average opinions. I know that I could improve the video quality and there are a few other mistakes I feel I made, but I'll leave it to you to point them out to me after you have watched.

    --------Update - 11/10/2001--------

    TommyRude is getting his website ready to go, so he's sort of stopped hosting, at least for now. I'm not all that concerned. I wasn't getting opinions anyway...probably because people we're having a hard time getting through. So, until further notice, this one is offline. It wasn't the high quality remaster anyway.

    --------Update - 9/13/2001--------

    Well, TommyRude has emailed me and apparently things are ready to go. I haven't been able to check up on the video due to a wonky connection, but I figure I'll know about problems through the error button-ish thingy.

    --------Update - 8/21/2001--------

    The video has just today uploaded to TommyRude's server. Many thanks to him for hosting it. When I get the link from him I'll post it for all. Also, thanks to Phade for fixing the premiere date on this video.

    --------Version 1.1 - 7/30/2001--------

    Boredom does strange things. I got bored recently and decided to 'remaster' this video. I remember now why creating it was so difficult. I had to make certain compromises here and there regarding timing. I had to 'stretch' certain parts by a couple of frames here and cut out a few there. I'll say only that I'm thankful for the way Sachiel and Eva 01 move.

    I also added some new footage to the mix. The video is 98% true to the original I made, but I changed a couple of scenes that I thought were lacking something or other. I'm still not 100% satisfied with version 1.1, but I think it's better than my first shot. Barring any huge revelations or my advance in capture/DVD ripping techniques, this is probably the final version.

    ---Video Capture: ATI video-in capture
    ---Video Editing: Sonic Foundry Video Factory 1.0
    ---Image Editing: Microsoft Windows Paint

    Total Time: Less than 6 hours

    --------Version 1.0 - approx. 4/30/2001--------

    This is my second anime music video and the first I created with an actual video editing program. Here are the particulars:

    Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

    ---Capture - Voodoo3 3500 TV Capture
    ---Video Editing - MGI VideoWave III
    ---Image Editing - Windows Paint

    Time Invested:
    ---Capture - approx. 90 minutes
    ---Video/Image Editing - approx. 3 days
    ---Making Shinji open his eyes on cue - approx. 90 minutes

    Sadly, that last part is completly true. At a point in about the middle of the video, I wanted to have him open his eyes on cue with a change in music. It took forever to do because I was constantly misjudging my edits and VideoWave III has no 'live preview' as does the piddly Windows Movie Maker.

    I like to call this one the 'schizo video' because it has gone through so many name changes. The original title for this video was 'First Day Of The Future', but I decided to rename it several times. It's still cheesy, but at least it's shorter.

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