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  • Member: icechai
  • Studio: A-N Productions
  • Title: Heartattack
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • !Attention! Heartattack
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  • Comments: Let me get one thing across first. I did not like Blood the Last Vampire as a movie. The plot was horrible, hardly had anything to do with vampires, and character development is nonexistent. However, the animation is pretty nice. What I intended to do with this video was to make the cool action sequences in the movie rewatchable without having to go through all 50 minutes of the movie. The action scenes are in chronological order and for those who have seen the movie it pretty much follows the story. But that is not to say I just took chunks of video and put them next to each other. You can expect some interesting unique things in here. *********SPOILERS*********** so if you don't mind those, then enjoy!

    Editing tidbits: At first I wanted to match all the lifeline sounds with red flashes but it was apparent it would look a little bit too gimmicky and overused, so it's only there for some of it. Once again I tried matching most of the drumrolls and such, some parts worked, some parts didn't. Lip-synching is OK i guess, most effort I put into it so far considering none of my other videos really focused on any lip-synching (at least intentional lip-synching). Also I worked on 70% of this video while I was on a different computer in Nepal, just brought back the project file to the USA... heheheh

    Thnx to BAMVC & Alpha Omega for hosting.

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