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  • Member: icechai
  • Studio: A-N Productions
  • Title: To Love You More
  • Premiered: 2001-06-25
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    • DJ Mystik To Love You More
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  • Comments: **WARNING*** Video will chug on slow computers.. DivX @ 1200 bitrate

    After numerous drafts and days of editing, I have finished my Ah! My Goddess Movie AMV! muhahahaha. Ever since I watched the movie I've wanted to make a music video about it. After finally obtaining high quality sources, I went through a bunch of songs and heard Celine Dion's "To Love You More" remixed by DJ Mystik. The lyrics fit perfectly with the movie in my view... I spent one late night working on the video until 8 am, went to sleep, woke up and found out it looked horrible! So I re-edited what I had, went out, came back, edited some more, slept... woke up the next day, and alas I didn't like the product. The ideas were all there, it just didn't come together right. This cycle happened 2 more times until I was finally satisfied. So what we have here is the finished product. Enjoy!

    Technical Notes: I kind of went crazy on the strobes here, so epileptic people should stay away... The strobes aren't constant, they act like a buildup both in terms of the video and how I strobed the scenes themselves(slow at beginning, fast at the end), I tried to use this to help focus on the next scene. The use of strobing is like a typical transition in this video. Wonder how you guys will like it... Also for the music the whole song is about 20 seconds longer and fades into another song (typical DJ Mystik fare), so I cut it where I thought was appropriate and changed the speed a little at the end so it sounds like an ending ^^.

    Mindwarp Winter 2001-2002: Winner Best Upbeat

    This video is quite different than any typical Ah! My Goddess AMV that's out there. Please watch it with an open mind. Also, there contains some MAJOR SPOILERS for those who haven't seen the movie.

    -Escaflowne29: "well, i've never seen goddess, but now i want to"
    -Gambitt: "I'm still thinking about yours, ice, you should
    be proud you stumped me ^_^"

    Thnx to BAMVC & Alpha Omega for hosting this vid.

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