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    Changing ppls minds, one person at a time.

    Im just here to try to change the game a bit, wait, not change the game, more like opening ppls eyes to see what the game has evolved to. Im sooo tired of people closing they're minds out to a specific style of anime, art, and music. Im here to say that not only rock+anime=good, but rap+anime=good as well. Dont get me wrong i listen to all music (cept country), but this closed mind view needs to be changed, and if we all do it some how the world of amv will be a lil better.

    "its good, but maby u should try different songs, even though hip hop is really good, i dont think it fits for an amv"-best comment ive recived...

    I'm dead serious when I say this, Gurren Lagann changed my life..................

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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (TV)
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