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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Resident Evil 4 - Die another day
  • Premiered: 2005-04-12
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    • Madonna Die Another Day (Radio Edit)
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  • Comments: Video #61

    I was inspired to make this video after almost getting into a nearly fatal traffic accident. I listened to "Die another day" endlessly after I got home and decided that I wanted to make a video to it.... despite the song being used quite a lot...

    My first choice was to use Angel Cop but you all know how great that footage is.. :P Resident Evil 4 has been one of my obsessions for the past few months and I always wanted to do a video to it for a future VG project but since RE remixes aren't really that abundant out there, I decided to make a non vg project, vg video.

    It's basically just a fun little action video with some of the best moments of RE4. There's not much of a plot or spoilers and you don't need to be a fan of RE to understand the video. This was also an experimental video to see how well I can capture and work with next gen console footage and I think it turned out pretty well.


    - I spent 4 days replaying the game and capturing the footage by hooking up my Gamecube to my Pinnicale Studio 9 A/V card.

    - I used virtualdub to capture the footage at 720 x 480 for editing.

    - The video isn't abundant in effects and uses pretty simple ones at the beginning. I do a little masking around the middle but nothing too serious. The 2nd half of the video is pretty simple with just fades and cuts because I liked how the scenes matched with the flow of the song without any effects or insane beat sync.

    - I used my 5th playthrough to capture the footage (yes, the game is that fun to repeat :P)

    - I wish I had more time to showcase all of the characters I introduced but most of their footage was either... spoilers, uninteresting, or bloody.

    - There is barely any violence or blood in the video.... and you know the RE games are popular for that :P

    - This was one hell of a funky song to edit.... while I do prefer slower songs in general, this one was a bit slower than what I actually prefer but I still had fun editing to it.

    Big thanks to...

    * The driver of the van who almost killed me (I think...)
    * God for saving my life
    * Hypeodermic Studios forum members
    * Capcom for making the best RE game evar :)

    I got to see it on the big screen at AX2005 and it looked a tad darker but I really liked how it sounded on the gigantic sound system. Thanks to everyone who voted for it! :)

    Best of AMTV - AX2005

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