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  • Member: TriGGiT
  • Studio: Artrage Studios
  • Title: Hearts And Souls
  • Premiered: 2006-03-29
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    • Zero 7 Destiny
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  • Comments: Well a new release after a long time of being away. What youll see here is a drama video done to GITS:Innocence this is probably my best video at the moment (god not this line again) but yes its true, this video also uses a short segment from the anime "Blue Submarine(The last Hope of mankind)" wich was blended beatifully into GITS, certain effects(wich you wont see unless youve already watched Ghost In The Shell:Innocence) were needed not only for this segment but also for other parts of the video to make the storyline more credible and also too keep the mood of the song.

    The Song:

    Destiny by Zero 7, this songs actual lenght is 5:36 and was cut to 3:58 -approx wich is a good lenght for what i wanted to do.
    The song is slow paced(very very slow,chill out etc) you might want to keep this in mind in case this is not your type of music.
    Here is a good description i found on the group:
    "Zero 7 has strong elements of laid-back Seventies groups yet is completely rooted in today's smooth jazz genre"

    The Effects

    Like i said above the effects are very subtle and were used mainly to keep the mood of the song and help the concept, you probably wont notice them, wich is a good thing.

    The Storyline/Concept:

    Basically what i did was i recreated the main Subject(Or what I think is the main subject) of Ghost in the Shell Innocence wich is Batous search for a girl whos picture he finds in a book.
    So the main character here would be the girl.
    In General:
    Detective finds picture in a book( picture of dissapeared/lost girl) he takes the picture and starts his search, he searches searches till he finds her.

    Well thats all, I really hope you get to enjoy this piece!!

    Japan Expo 2006 7th AMV Contest - 7th Place in The Overall Ranking

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