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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Studio: Szwagier Productions
  • Title: Mathematics is the language of Matrix.
  • Premiered: 2006-11-09
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    • Clint Mansell Pi.r2
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    Well finally it's finished. It took me load of time , but (except for few parts) it was real fun making this video. Well but lets start from the begininng. I wanted to make AMV to Clint Mansells Pi r^2 for a long time , but the idea I had differ a lot from what you see here. It was supposed to be a video being a report about Evangelion Unit 01 during bereserk stage , and about his pilot mental condition during that event. So basically it would focus on the episode in which Eva destroys angel and eat his remains. Well theory was beatiful , but after I made a few seconds of it I knew it would suck hard (beside the world doesnt need another "Angst shinji - Murderous Eva" AMV I guess :] ). So the idea of making AMV to Pi r^2 was put as some distant thing "maybe in some future". But then after few weeks I watched Animatrix again , and the idea struck me - do a video about Matrix from the agent view. I planned the AMV for some time and started work in June. Then after 18 seconds were done I had an editor stuck , and leave the project for some time. Then I started playing WoW so it was even more delayed. In the end of september when I quited WoW i finally started working again. Whole October went on making it (with one situation in which i almost lost whole project) and finally the product is finished.As i mentioned earlier this AMV is a report from the Agent point of view. It's a security report , about dealing with few anomalies within the system. It goes all the way from detection to termination. I sticked to this theme when I choose the parts of Animatrix i used (Kid story , Beyond , World Record) and when i choose the effects. Nevertheless its more a visual experience then a deep story. Anyway that's just my thoughts about how and why did I made what I made, the output will speak for itself. I hope you will like what you'll see ^^. I will gladly hear any criticism about it , if you have some thought ;]. Enjoy!

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