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  • Members: [Mike of the Desert], Hinatasan
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: I'll run out this world, Darkness within my soul
  • Premiered: 2005-08-02
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  • Song:
    • Finger Eleven Stay in Shadow
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  • Comments: The Darkness Over Light Saga:

    "Darkness Over Light" is, exactly, an Amv Saga. It will be composed by three Chapters, plus a Final one that will be a reunion of all the protagonists of it into one final video. I'll Run Out this World is the second, and so the one that made DoL what it is. ;]

    I II III

    Talking about footage, DOL (From now on we'll call it like this) it's done using the Anime "Naruto", and all the chapters will follow this series.
    In simple words, every video is a Charachter Profile, filled with a story within it that doesn't really follow the anime's, even if it's taken from the original's.
    Now, what can we say: DOL, as title says, will never be a video that'll show happy endings, any funny part or even any clip that could make you smile.

    These are the Chapters done and the ones that are programmed for the future:
    DOL I : Uzumaki Naruto
    DOL II: Gaara of the Desert
    DOL 3: Rock Lee
    DOL IV: Finale

    I'll Run Out This World, Darkness Within my Soul:

    This is the second project between Me and Hinatasan. "I'll run out this world, Darkness within my soul"

    I'll try to be short [so the comment will be read ;P] but clear, this is someway Darkness Over Light, The Other Side of Me 2 (our first project together was "Darkness Over Light, The Other Side of Me"), even if it is drastically different, especially in the editing. We can call it someway a sequel because the main concept of this video is the story behind it, and I'll try to explain it here shortly, Gaara has inside him the demon Shukaku, a Sand evil that give him an infinite power (the one to control sand) but that actually makes him uncapable to sleep, or to live a normal life, since only his birth killed his mother. Gaara, is a young child of 12 years old and this video shows his deep, dark fight with the inside evil that live within himself, and Gaara's objective to quit it from his soul. The rest is in the video, and I don't want to spoil more, since we created a true storyline in the video, so, mainly, understand the lyrics is something really important to completely enjoy our work. =) For this we'll be submitting them here. A little thing I can add about the storyline is that Gaara, since he was even more young, wasn't a bad guy, it was only a sad child, hated by all because of what was living inside him, but since the day his unique friend (who was living the same pain) betrayed him, he started to be the evil he was called to be, showing his dark side, but secretly still fighting with it. In the video we tried to show a costant growing up of Gaara, showing near to the end a mature one. For the ones who saw our first project, we also put in the video some easter eggs :P Like "memories of Darkness Over Light" ;P

    Will Gaara be able to win the evil within himself and quit it from his interior? Or will he fail. That is in the work I hope you'll download =P


    So cold that you cannot cope
    With a frozen heart
    I guess we blow apart
    I guessed it from the start Stay in shadow
    Iíll run this world out
    Stay in shadow
    Itís running out of time
    Stay in shadow
    I want to watch it drown
    Stay in this now

    Donít say because you canít
    Say what we should have been
    Donít show what I resent
    Donít know cause I forget

    So cruel to be so blind
    Darkness was on my side
    Now that youíve come and gone
    I know where I belong

    Light is leaving as I watch you go
    Light is leaving inside of my soul

    For a Best view of the video you need to understand the lyrics ;) But of course it's not obligatory.

    Technical Parts

    Programs Used: Adobe After Effects 6.5, Adobe Photoshop CS
    Resolution: 640x480
    Codec: Xvid
    Comments: The video is been made completely in After Effects, and thanks to this program, we are been able to use masks, paints, some replacements and a lot of editings that helped us in create our story, anyway, Enjoy! And please, leave any type of opinion, we would love to hear your comments, critics, insults, compliments, anything!^^


    Concept: Hinatasan
    Editing: Michele
    Effects and development: Both

    Best Drama at the Scoob Awards AMV Contest!
    2nd Place at Overall Best Editor at the Scoob Awards AMV Contest!
    Semifinalist for Best Charachter Profile at the VCA 2006!

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