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  • Member: dnk
  • Title: Push to Peace
  • Premiered: 2005-07-26
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    • Eminem Featuring 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks Push me
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  • Comments: Wat up AMV fans I bring to you my latest creation. With this vid I made it a point to use a different anime than my previous vids, which were Naruto, just to try something new and because some of the AMV fan suggested it when they gave my vid an opinion, see I take your advice ^-^ , but Iím still using rap as my music of choice. For my past vids I used Windows Movie Maker but for this I tried another program which compared to WMM was very complicated so it took me a while to figure things but in the end I think it came out great.

    This vid was made to showcase how no matter what obstacles Deunan and Briareos, main characters in Appleseed, have gone up against they never back down. It also shows how from every fight and battle they push a little closer to peace.

    So feel free to leave me an op good or bad I like getting feedback from other AMV fans because to thatís what itís all about !!!!ENJOY!!!!

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