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  • Member: CHAMELEON_D_H
  • Studio: Sight and Sound
  • Title: Revenge of the Griff
  • Premiered: 2006-03-14
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    • Star Wars Episode 3 Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith - Trailer Audio
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    The AMV is coded using Mtroska container (*.MKV file). It contains 2 audio tracks. the first is a 2 channel (stereo) OGG stream. The secong is a 5.1 channel (surround) stream. I you experience any problems either viewing, hearing or changing the audio track, I heartly reccomend using VLC Medoa Player -

    and now for the description

    This is my 4th AMV (not considering a AMVHELL 3 "flick"), and first in a year and a half. I dont remember when exactly the idea came to me, but it was probably after I've bought Berserk and watched Star Wars 3 - Revenge of the Sith at the same time. It was a nice combination, and a little adaptation could make it look amazing, I thought. And so it came to be that I went to the library again to get the movie only to rip its trailer. Looking back it was well worth it. Then began the tierding procces of "scene scripting" and "scene timing". After that the boring proccess of setting up the files and at last the heart of AMV-ing - editing. At the end came the new part for me - using After Effects to turn swords to Lightsabers and arrows to Blaster shots. All I can say about it is that rotoscoping arrows is a bitch. A really REALLY BIG one.... XD

    This AMV is the same as the movie, the endless fight of good VS evil, Jedi VS Sith and dark VS light.

    Programs used -

    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0
    Adobe After Effects 6.5
    AMVApp programs

    And now enough of my rambling, GO WATCH THE AMV!!!!

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