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  • Member: suberunker
  • Studio: Suberunker Studeosh
  • Title: FOOTBALL!!
  • Premiered: 2004-07-02
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    • Strong Bad The System is Down (Strong Bad Sings ver)
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  • Comments: Wow...what can I say?

    "Football!!" (that's two exclamation points...for in-joke purposes only), was only submitted to Anime Expo. For those unfamiliar with the "singer" known as Strong Bad, you can find more information by Googling that name or visiting

    Idea: So a few months ago, my friend Dom tells me to listen to this one song, The System is Down, from his new "Strong Bad Sings" album. Just like any other AMV editor, I began to form different images in my head to the music. But really, there was too much floating around in my head for me to even consider fitting it all together. I told him I'd make a video next year using that song.

    Creation: Screw that. I'll make it this year. So I decided I'd make the video and just let myself completely go with anything that came to my head (hence a lot of the really bizarre jokes and images). There was no holding back on any of the jokes, in fact, they were pouring in enough that I had to consider what I'd use. I hadn't made a comedy video in two years, and I wasn't sure if my sense of humor would be understood.

    Formula: Diet Coke + Final Fantasy IX (yes, I'm behind) + last minute DVD borrowing + Crest White Strips + Ender's Game = FOOTBALL!!

    Jokes: Ok, I tried to pack in as many as I could given the song and the video footage I had on me. Here's the rundown...

    1) The title: This didn't appear on the ballot with the two "!"s, but the specific number of exclamation marks is a reference. Maybe I'll give prizes at AX2005 to those who can tell me what the joke is.

    2) Osaka's Eyes bouncing side to side: a reference to those old cat clocks in which the eyes would bounce side to side along with the tail

    3) 4Kiids Entertainment: pretty obvious. If you dun get it, then it's the story...of a lovely Shinobi... I had some other ideas such as "Fuunimation Entertainment presents Those Wacky Sohmas" and "Sinch-Point Entertainment presents FlooCloo".

    4) "They're taking over": unfortunately, there weren't that many Final Fantasy X and X-2 cosplay this year as previous years. This was a reference to that concept. I should have used Naruto. Oh well.

    5) The first "A dance revolution": not entirely a joke, but my attempt to use a shot I really wanted to use, that was not AzuDai, and still trying to fit it in with the AzuDai theme. IOW, if you want to add something to AzuDai, just make Osaka daydream of it.

    6) The second "A dance revolution": DDR. From the recent trailer at E3. Wish I had a higher quality video, but I have no capture card...but I do have all the games. Darn.

    7) Dancing Robots: probably the one joke where everyone had a different idea of what should have been used. Dom told me to use G-Gundam, others suggested Transformers movie, and I knew there was some stuff from Robot Carnival. Instead, my favorite dancing robots had to come from Mini-Pato. If you haven't seen it already, go buy the LE box for Patlabor XIII movie. Warning: for Patlabor fans mostly.

    8) Football!!: probably now the most famous animated football/soccer ball in the AMV community, this is just a random football kicking-sequence from the new Captain Tsubasa series. I had originally planned to use Whistle!, but there was no explosion animation, so Tsubasa took over. The guy getting the "football in the groin" (in reference to the Simpsons) is obviously Shinji from Evangelion. I'm surprised nobody commented that it was a soccer ball, but I guess people know that it's called football outside of the US. I wanted to use Eyeshield 21 so that I could use an American football, but nobody I knew had the movie on DVD.

    9) The bonus joke: there's something I did with the downloadable video overall that's a reference to something else. It doesn't affect the video really at all, but I just added it wondering if somebody would get it. It's very "Sprited"-ly tinted. :P

    The rest of the video was just movement timed to the sounds in order to make it seem like a "movement orchestra". Overall, I felt each movement fit each sound. Also, rather than just re-use the same movement for the same sound throughout, I changed it periodically, so that once a viewer caught everything on the screen, something new showed up. In the end, I felt that the pace was changed just enough that the re-use of some movements did not become very annoying.

    Sing-a-long: The song requires 4 people to perform. From prior experience in the car rides during AX, you'll need:
    1) "do do do"
    2) "duddle-um dum", "dabadabdeesh"
    3) "zakazakazakazaka", "doo-DOO-doo-DOO-DOO-DOO"
    4) "The System is Down", "DOOSH!", "They're taking over!", "The System is Taking over!", "A Dance Revolution", "Dancing Robots!", "Football!!", and the rest of the lyrics at the end
    All) Explosion noise

    AX2004 Fan Favorite
    AX2004 Staff Favorite
    AX2004 Creator's Favorite
    AX2004 Best of Show
    AMV Mailing List Award - Most Original Anime Music Video

    One last thing, one of my friends told me she was in the bathroom after the contest and she heard a few girls chanting the song while they were in the stalls. That makes me happy. :P

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