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  • Profile: I feel a bit more motivational today then I have for awhile, so before this inspiration leaves I'll take it upon myself to say a few words here. On second thought I just said a lot of words on the forum that work very well here, a little copy and paste and I'l have it up but first let me reveal my master goal as an AMV creator.

    Basically, I wish to create a AMV video in each catagory. Drama, Romance, Comedy, Parady, Upbeat, Horror, and Action. I have completed both the Drama and Upbeat projects and have already planned the rest of the projects in a small textfile tucked away in the far reaches of my computer (I'll dig it out sooner or later). Right now I'm in the process of adding footage to the Horror and Action Catagories. I have big plans for the Romance Catagory, and will probably be doing that afterwords (Its a bit different romance one, one with a lot of action).

    Anyway, as much as I would like talking about my upcoming projects I'll forgo saying much else Now if you want to hear the story of how I got into Anime and AMV creating I'm posting it below.

    I was introduced to AMV's before I was into anime. The first AMV I recall ever seeing was a DBZ one done to Particle man during a network gathering. I thought it was interesting but I really didn't get into it. The first AMV to actually catch my attention was an Evangelion one done to England's "The final Countdown".

    After a few veiwings of that and making several guesses as to what the series was actually about. I had a good impression that a lot was going on but I couldn't figure out what the hell was happening. At the time I thought everything that didn't look human was an alien. Even the Eva's, but they seemed to help the humans defend the planet. I didn't even think they were piloted, but thats another story. I was interested in seeing what the series actually was, I bought some, loved it, and finally collected the entire series. The addiction with the Eva series lasted a good 2 years ending with the fansubbed movies.

    I didn't get into Anime just then, but one of my friends that I had introduced the series to (Who didn't know much of Anime either) was hooked everafter. He was the one that actually sought out new Anime leading to the likes of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. Thats when I really got into Anime.

    As for AMV making, I so happened to hear a song by Bush that got me thinking about Eva and how well the two fit togather (The song was "Letting the Cables sleep"). I wanted to do that video (Which I finally did not long ago) for many months but new I hadn't the skill to do it right. So I decided to make a starter video so I could learn the tools of the game. I didn't know about back then, so that helped make the decision.

    Well I thought about a training video for a few and the only song I could think of was Will Smith's "The Wild Wild West" done to Trigun. Incidently I also saw another music video that had already done this (I think it was SailorDeaths) when I mentioned it to some friends but I didn't like it. The song and the series had so much more potential to be put togather that I had to do it. I had many idea's for that song and I be damned to let the "Those two have already been done" reasoning stop me from creating my own vid with my own ideas out of the two. Besides if I ever choose not to show it because of that I'd still end up making my Eva video, which I hadn't seen done before and none of my friends had either.

    Well I ended up working on it for 8 months. Hybernating near the computer for many many hours. Testing, retesting, redoing, restoring, resaving and so on. It was all good, for I knew that I could get to that Eva video all the sooner once I was done... Thats until I stopped thinking about the Eva Vid and started loving my Trigun vid. I had a lot of fun with this vid, more than I had predicted. And at the end of the eight months I didn't really care that the idea had been done before, I was proud of what I had made, it had been everything I had envisioned and more and I thought it should be seen.

    After the long 8 months of adding to this project of mine, I started making the rounds, not at a convention, just with my friends. Many of them were surprised at what I had done, nobody had anything to say bad about it. The closest one to thinking it was just a good AMV was my friend Jason who had been downloading a variety of AMVs from a site called and had seen many many different AMVs.

    Before came along, the few excellent vids I had seen were from Kevin Caldwell, Brad Demoss, and a few others. Suffice to say I was a little surprised at just how many people there actually were out there creating AMVs. After came along I never looked back at all the hard times I had searching for websites on Webcrawler (My search engine of choice at the time).

    I had heard about the contests, and after so many months working on mine and with the knowledge that everyone I had showed it to had liked it, I sent it in to Acen 2002. Just my luck that it (The contest itself) didn't go over well and mine was not shown (For various reason's I've explained in another story for the vid itself). It was a great con experiance, better then even the next contest I went to (Otakon 2002) this year. It was probably because I hung out with a lot of other people that were big into AMV's. Koopiskeva and Senta to name a few. To me that night of waiting for Patrick (Or Quu) to go through the pile of last minuite AMV submitters and chatting about AMV's won't ever be forgotten. For the whole two days I was there I felt like I was on speed or something. Conventions are such a rush.

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