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  • Member: Kevin Caldwell (proxy)
  • Title: Believe
  • Premiered: 2000-07-01
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  • Song:
    • Franka Potente Believe
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  • Comments: Originally premiered at Anime Expo 2000.

    the following is a copy of an email Kevin sent to the yahoo amv mailing list shortly after the premiere:

    From: "Kevin Caldwell"
    Date: Thu Jul 6, 2000 1:50 am
    Subject: Re: [amv] Re: AX2K Contest Impressions

    Mark Neidengard wrote:
    > > Kevin Caldwell, Believe by ???, footage from Battle Athletes

    The song's by Franka Potente.

    > > In the words of a friend of
    > > mine, this video "makes me want to watch a series I had written
    > > off as crap",

    Interesting, and not the first comment along those lines that I've
    heard. Ironically enough, I came extremely close to not even
    entering this video, since I thought (and still do) that it did a
    great disservice to an anime that I felt was quite enjoyable. (Of
    course, I'm talking about the TV series here; the OAV was nothing

    I actually consider that the second most embarrassing thing that I've
    ever created. My ultimate shame comes from the truly awful
    Goldeneye/VP Miyu video. Many times I have wished for someone to
    record their favorite bits of the Oprah show over that master (in SLP
    of course, so it dies a slow, painful death), but the gods
    continually laugh at me. Maybe it's because I don't have cable...

    Joe Croasdaile wrote:
    > heheh you thought this was best of show... first off I really liked
    > some of the effects, but some were way over done and I thought
    > detracted from the video. I would not say "flawless" because I
    > thought the first ten seconds had cheesy/nasty apparant effects.

    I would like any historians in the audience to make a note of this
    occasion. I would also like to ask any list members with heart
    trouble, who have a history of mental illness, or who are expectant
    mothers to please delete this message immediately, because I'm about
    to do something so shocking that I don't want the consequences on my

    Ready? Here we go:

    I... agree with Joe.

    As I progressed with work on "Believe", I could see it straying ever
    farther from my initial vision. I felt like a prophet who forsaw his
    own death in a car wreck but for some reason immediately switched
    careers to become a stunt driver. That opening sequence (it's way
    longer than 10 seconds) was my major miscalculation, but because of
    the way the video was paced, I didn't have a quick fix for it.

    I finished that thing two weeks before the convention, and I had a
    choice of either trying to salvage it or to do the William Tell vid,
    which would actually be fun to work on.

    I think my most glaring weakness is my general inability to handle
    lyrics properly. I've always tended towards songs where lyrics were
    a non-issue or were good lip-sync material (or both...). I believe
    that "Phantom of the Opera" is the only (good) video where I handled
    extended lyrical sequences without resorting to a lip-sync.

    This song ("Believe") was not a good choice for me, because not only
    did it have a resonable amount of lyrics, but the words were more
    spoken than sung. I tried to make the syncs more dynamic than normal
    by adding motion or pasting them into the background, but I really
    was disappointed in the final product.

    Thus passes my one attempt at a "special effects" video...

    > >Perhaps Joe can congratulate himself on this
    > > apparent karmic turn of events after last AX's contest. ^_^;;

    It was actually his choice of categorization last year that caused me
    to think that "Believe" wouldn't stand a chance as an Action entry,
    since it didn't have constant explosions or gunfire, just occasional
    quick cuts. It also comitted a fatal sin in my book (for any
    category, but especially Action): I think that it's BORING. I'm glad
    it didn't win anything, because then I'd know that you people were
    just humoring me. Heh heh.

    Kevin Caldwell

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