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  • Profile: This is a proxy account for cataloging the anime music videos of Kevin Caldwell. Kevin has not signed up to the site, this profile was created by the admins as a record of his work.

    We have collected the only versions of his videos that we can find. If you happen to have a version of a video hosted here that is higher quality let one of the admins know.

    Kevin Caldwell does not wish to be contacted about his videos. He has not been an active member of the amv community for almost 5 years.

    If you are Kevin Scott Caldwell, the creator of these videos, and you are reading this, please contact us :)

    Biographical Information

    Kevin Scott Caldwell, Born in 1974, was a student of Computer Science at Texas A&M University. Around mid-1996, he began making Anime Fan Videos (that was what some people called Anime Music Videos back then, it seems). In 1996, he premiered his first video, El Hazard set to Khachaturian's Sabre Dance at A-kon 7. He graduated in 1997 and moved to the Dallas area to work as a software engineer.

    His first amv success was at the 1997 AKon 8, where his Golden Boy set to Ace of Base "It's a Beautiful Life" video won the Technical Award "I was stunned to hear that I had won the Best Technical award for my tribute to Isaac Newton's first law. Getting the timing down using nothing but a cheapo JVC VCR with basic editing features was an exercise in masochism, but I'm glad that someone enjoyed it."

    Next year, Kevin entered in 1998 A-kon 9 both his Neon Genesis Evangelion set to John Barry's Media Vita in Morte Sumus (from the Lion in Winter OST) and Magnetic Rose set to the Harajuku techno remix of Phantom of the Opera. AX98 saw three videos entered into the AMV competition (Phantom, Beautiful Life and Media Vita). Kevin swept all three categories at AX98.

    At A-kon 10 in 1999, Kevin Caldwell submitted The Twist - Kimarunge Orange Road, Golden Boy - Chantilly Lace, and Kodomo no Omocha set to Harvey the Wonder Hamster.

    At AX 99 he entered two videos, the first was Key Metal Idol set to Sleep Now which won Best Drama and Best Creative. His second entry, Neon Genesis Evangelion to Rammstein's Engel won the action category, Technical, and overall awards.

    "In Texas I can't find women with stiletto heels to whip me bloody, so [making music videos] is a suitable substitute."

    (after taking about how he traded in his large amounts of equipment setup to a simpler Wintel box to do his video editing) "... now I realize that that's not a beautiful woman in those stiletto heels -- it's Bill Gates. Man, does he know how to inflict pain."

    At AX00, Kevin Caldwell submited two videos, Kodomo no Omocha set to Rossini's William Tell Overture which won Comedy, Creative and Editing Best of Show, and Battle Athletes set to Tom Tykwer's, Johnny Klimek's, and Reinhold Heil's Believe from the Run, Lola, Run (Lola Rrent) OST in the action category. Believe, however, quite famously lost to Brad DeMoss's video Princess Mononoke - Rhythm of the Heart in the action category, and lost the overall Best of Show spot to Brad DeMoss's parody of Star Wars Episode I teaser trailer using Evangelion.

    On Believe: "I actually consider that the second most embarrassing thing that I've ever created."
    "As I progressed with work on "Believe", I could see it straying ever farther from my initial vision. I felt like a prophet who forsaw his own death in a car wreck but for some reason immediately switched careers to become a stunt driver.That opening sequence (it's way longer than 10 seconds) was my major miscalculation, but because of the way the video was paced, I didn't have a quick fix for it."

    After AX00, on July 4th, Kevin Caldwell announced in a by-the-way manner his retirement from AMV making. "It was a bit awkward when I took a step back from it all. I was 2* [probably 26] still watching anime, to be honest it all became childish for me."

    It has often been stated that what had started out as a pleasurable hobby had become stressful work and so he stopped producing videos.

    Technical Info
    All videos prior to 1999 were made with two VCRs. Subsequent videos were digitally edited on Windows 98 but the exact hardware and software configuration is currently unknown.

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