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  • Member: BaHaRa
  • Studio: Newlight Productions
  • Title: Scatman: The Definitive Biography
  • Premiered: 2002-07-26
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    • Scatman John Scatman
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  • Comments: Ah, where to start. Well S:TDB was really just a funny idea that sprang from my head while discussing possible AMVs with Rachael. I had heard about the song from friends in school and then somehow made the connection between the scatman and saiyaman. When we told Hayley about it she liked it and actually wanted to make a video out of it. I didn't realize that they took my idea so seriously, but as the weeks of work passed, I got more and more into this video.

    It started off just as a fun thing to do, but it slowly developed into a much larger project. It took us a few weeks just to complete the intro to the video, and by the time we were done, we had plenty of ideas to match the rest of the song. This video wasn't meant to be a 'meaningful' one, the theme is rather simplistic. Infact, i can sum it up in 3 words: Gohan equals Scatman. The only other major theme of the video was Gohan's acual life which we sort of recapped at the end of the video. We did incorporate a few other parts of the show to the video, but nothing too major.

    All we wanted out of this video was something that we could show to our friends, who didn't even like DBZ, and to have them laugh and enjoy it with us. I suppose the only reason that we chose DBZ in the first place was because of the Saiyaman, because even at the start of the video, I don't know that I even enjoyed DBZ itself.

    Ok, now that you have heard my ramblings about the actual video, I will go into how we did at Otakon. This being our first video, it was obviously the first time we would see it on a big screen, yet alone in front of hundreds or people. We were all so nervous about it. When the info on the video first appeared, we got brief cheers from some Scatman John fans out there, followed by a couple Boos after the people realized it was a DBZ video. But as soon as the video started, and people realized what kind of video it was gonna be, we got some real laughs. It was SUCH a relief, as the video rolled on we got more and more laughs/cheers. It was the greatest feeling... By the 4th contest screening of our video, the room would see our name on the screen and cheer before it even started. Despite the good responses of the audience and of the few people we heard from separetly, we lost in our category (Rhythm/Upbeat). We just couldn't compete with the level of laughs that came during the " Beboppin' " video. Even though we lost, the three of us had a wonderful time watching our video up there, and we look forward to submitting our next video to Otakon2k3.


    For those of us too lazy to read:

    This is our first and currently only video. In it we attempt to comedically interpret Gohan's (DBZ) life, more specically his time spent at "The Great Saiyaman." It premiered at Otakon 2002 in the Rhythm/Upbeat category and received a good response, but still lost.

    Otakon 2002 honorable mention
    Winner at Nan Desu Kon
    AWA video exposition upbeat winner


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