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  • Members (11): Pie Row Maniac, Brad, Castor Troy, KillDieMurder, Kusoyaro, Radman, SSJVegita0609, SephirothJenova, Vancore, burntoast, dwchang
  • Title: The Final Fantasy VI Character Project
  • Premiered: 2005-07-13
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    • Final Fantasy 6 Ending Credits
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  • Comments: The masterful swordsman, torn by loss and haunted by the deaths of his past...

    The pilot who gambles with his life, laughing all the while as he flies by...

    The brothers, who seperated after the murder of their father to seek out his killer...

    The cute yet odd little creature with powers almost as strange as it's personality...

    The giant creature whose large presence is outclassed only by his loyalty to others...

    The peculiar and enigmatic fellow with an incredible and entertaining talent for mimicry...

    The young child with boundless energy and potential who has a loving friendship with animals...

    The two lovers, one of broken spirit, the other seeking closure, who incidentally discover each other...

    The young lady, once controlled for selfish intentions, who seeks only to discover her own identity...

    The rambunctious girl with a magical ability, excited to simply share it with the world...

    The skillful and mysterious hired hand, heard of only through rumors of money, death and tears...

    The humorous yet powerful old man, who still dreams of his former glory and abilities...

    Concept: This is a multi-editor project using the ending credits of Final Fantasy VI, which are 21 minutes long. Thankfully, because of the project's concept, the time has been reduced down. The first ten minutes of the credits play theme songs of each of the games main characters, each one ranging to 40 seconds to a minute and a half. We took the characters from the game that had their own theme and adapted appropriate anime character to them. Therein lies the beauty of the project.

    Kusoyaro (Cyan)
    Castor Troy (Setzer)
    Pie Row Maniac (Edgar & Sabin)
    AtomX (Mog)
    Radman (Umaro)
    Vancore (Gogo)
    KillDieMurder (Gau)
    Dwchang (Celes & Locke, Relm)
    SephirothJenova (Terra)
    Burntoast (Shadow)
    SSJVegita0609 (Strago)

    Technical Aspects:
    Encoded in Xvid
    900+ kbps (First Pass, Full Quality)
    23.976 fps
    480 x 320
    160 kbps Audio
    122.0 MB

    Personal Sentiments: This is it. It's been more of a journey than a project really. For the past three years, it has been tossing and turning through various stages, evolving and creating times that I will never forget. Ups and downs, accomplishments and delays, mistakes and decisions, joy and irritation have all led up to this finished product, and are a part of the product itself.

    I'm very happy and proud to bring you
    The Final Fantasy VI Character Project.

    Enjoy everyone. ^_^

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