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  • Members (18): dokool, AisuzuZwei, Brad, Hitori, JCD, JG, Jebadia, MeriC, Mr Pilkington, NicholasDWolfwood, Rozard, SSJVegita0609, Vancore, WilLoW :--), d00kiemastah, fyrtenheimer, temaranight, zest
  • Title: The Children Project
  • Premiered: 2004-04-20
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    • Robert Miles Children
    • Robert Miles Fable
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  • Comments: Direct Link available for one week only! Thank you Hitori for the mirror!

    After about 4 months, several betas, a handful of dropouts and more, I am personally proud to announce The Children Project.

    Originally, this was to be a 'battle' of sorts between myself and JG. When he had to pull out, the project sat on my harddrive for a long time, until I decided to do something with it. In December, when I should have been finishing up my schoolwork, I made the website and made the initial 'Org post seeking members. It was all downhill from there.

    Originally, a few different editors were on the roster. Unfortunately Scintilla, DevolutionEX, jonmartensen, Ryan (ne Nemoxs), klinky, and nohx (a friend of mine) had to drop out due to both personal and time issues.

    In addition, AbsoluteDestiny was the first to work on Part 18, producing an excellent segment. However, his segment was rejected from the final mix. I, as project head, didn't feel it was appropriate material for the finale of the video, and asked him to change a particular scene, which he objected to changing on artistic grounds. I wholeheardly respected his decision, as he (hopefully) understood mine. This was in no way a criticism of AD or his work, and I still consider his Part 18 to be a part of the Children Project. To see this segment, you may go to AD's listing here.

    While the end of the project was originally supposed to be January, and then February, there were several delays, ranging from personal issues on my part to editor's block on the part of others. Sooner or later, we persevered, and the final mix was assembled in early April.

    Finally, a couple weeks later, Christophe (you may recognize his work in the Animix Project Part 1 and 3 credits) completed his amazing credit sequence. And now, ladies and gentleman, the Children Project is available for your viewing pleasure. Thank you again and again to all of the participants, to Ashyukun and AtomX for helping with file transfers, to AD for his advice, and to all of you for giving us an audience.

    Comments From the Editors
    (Note - If you don't see your comment here, IM/email me and I'll add it!)

    Part 01 :: Vancore - I decided to follow the story route with my segment with Tsukasa slowly waking up in a different world, feeling a bit alone and unhinged from reality until Subaru bring's him out of it by lending a helping hand in a strange and unknown world. Sort of a guide into a world that Tsukasa doesn't understand and filling that lonelyness kids feel from time to time. I tried to showcase it by starting off bleary and then slowly focusing more and more until the end. Well that's what I was going for anyway, thought it would be a cool way of opening the Children project since the rest of the song is pretty fast pace and not as lonely.

    Part 02 :: DOKool - Alien Nine is a great manga (and 4-episode anime) about children put into an incredibly unusual situation and how they react. Perfect for a project such as this. While I originally created my segment for the 'battle' against JG, it still fits well with the theme and I'm happy with it. I hope you all enjoy my segment as well as the rest of the project!

    Part 03 :: JG - Oh.. I did it in a weekend, for a completely different video we had worked out... dualing banjos of the AMV world. The fact that it translates so easily to what the project ended up being says volumes about the genericness of the clip, or perhaps the complete lack of skill on my part ^^ I am disappointed we didn't get the chance to do what we had originally envisioned and spent time timing out, but happy to see that time and effort was shared, refined and ultimately made into something larger than the two of us alone could have done.

    Part 04 :: d00kiemastah - The effects that I chose to use while simple, I feel give off a distinct feeling of... well... dreaminess. Hopefully that's not just a creator's love of his own work talking. It took me quite a bit of of thinking and re-doing to finally come to the decision to use this particular cut of the video, and I don't think it could've turned out a whole lot better. I hope you all enjoy our little slice of heaven. Much love, d00kiemastah.

    Part 05 :: Jebadia -

    Part 06 :: AtomX - I did this segment in a couple of hours. I was pretty limited in terms of my source since the system I used to edit it on was pretty junky, but I knew which episode of Battle Athletes Victory I wanted to pull scenes from. Due to my limitations, I kept the editting fairly simple. Plus, I really didn't feel much need to make it too effect'y. In the beginning of my segment it sounds like a thunder clap and then rain, which occurs in episode 8. The whole anime is centered around characters that, while being children, experience a great coming of age, so I thought it would make for a fitting addition to this project.

    Part 07 :: SSJVegita0609 - The first half of the segment involved the first huge build in the song, so I wanted something big and flashy. But once the piano kicked in I felt like slowing down and allowing the imagery to do the work would be more themeatically beneficial to the video as a whole."

    Part 08 :: Zest - Es war Donnerstag-nacht als JCD mich über ICQ ansprach und mich fragte ob ich beim Children Project mit machen will, der einzige Haken sei, dass ich nur bis Samstag Zeit hätte. Ich dachte: verdaammmtt 2 Tage das ist WENIG ... aber ich hab zugesagt! Dokool hat mir dann doch bis Sonntag Zeit gegeben und ich hab es ausgenutzt ... ich hab AMG als footage gewählt, weil ich dachte dass es einfach passt. und es passte .. nach 3 tagen auf die stunde genau hatte ich dann die final ( nach circa 5 betas lol ) und ich glaube es ist gut genug um im projekt zu sein... irgendwie bin ich stolz auf mich sowas rausgeholt zu haben in nur 3 tagen... ich hoffe es gefällt euch auch.

    Part 09 :: Fyrtenheimer - I am very cool and so is my segment.

    Part 10 :: NicholasDWolfwood - This segment is about Ed from "Cowboy Bebop". It's about how through the series, she progressed somewhat into her own being. She was a child, she somewhat became a woman.

    Part 11 :: LadyDX -

    Part 12 :: Hitori - My track was fun! I had fun making it and had fun watching it!!! ^_^ It's also cute... =P

    Part 13 :: MeriC - I decided to use the anime "One Piece" for my track since there are several episodes that focus on flashbacks showing us the lives of the series' main characters. They're all pretty gut-wrenching, so I figured it would make for some good drama, even though I only had a short amount of time to show the past for the four characters. Each character/section also has his/her own stylistic "theme" to show that a new character is in the spotlight. The first character shown is Nami, and I decided to use a black, squiggle-ish outline effect going around the border of the frame. The feeling I wanted to get across in this segment was anger and chaos, since in the anime, Nami's "mother" is shot and killed. The next character shown is Zoro, and I used blending/transparency effects to show his closeness to his childhood friend/rival, Kuina. Next up was Sanji... I didn't really have any stylistic theme for him, so I just used pulsing black and white images as the effect in this section. Finally, I showed Luffy. I wanted to show a series of images leading up to the final main impact in his childhood, which was Shanks losing his arm to save Luffy. I used a scrolling bar timed to the beat going back and forth with the "main" scene in the background, while still images appeared on either side of the scrolling bar, also timed to the beat. All in all, I had a lot of fun with this video, because it gave me a chance to try out new stylistic ideas. It also gave me the chance to tell the backstory of four characters in a short amount of time.

    Part 14 :: AisuzuZwei - This was my first project segment, so, I tried making it memorable.. Masking aside, it took about a week's time to complete. Mattes are fun! (The last scene was some ~15 tracks.) I actually think this turned out better than I'd planned in my head, so, I hope you enjoy it.

    Part 15 :: JCD - This track was a nice experience for me to edit. At first I doubted I would paticipate in this project, but since Willow and PiccoloX32 convinced me I took this track because I could do *something* nice with my all time favourite series Magic Knight Rayearth there and I really felt that this is one of the projects that will actually get completed. OK, "something nice" evolved to something bigger. All in all, I spent 20-30 hours editing time for those 29 seconds at the end. Basicly I took those beautiful transformation scenes from the first episode and the 3rd opening of the second season. Originally I wanted to let small lights wander around these objects that are all around the knights, that didn't work, it turned out in what you see now, 3 bars which were Photoshop masks with some footage from the series in them. Each time the 3 bars come again there's a new clip in there. I turned the visibility of these bars up and down according to the music and let them come from different directions to bring a little more dynamism in there. The footage itself was pretty bright, so I turned down the brightness and improved the contrast, I hope you like the result ^_^ Finally I got to do something to the keyboard sound of Children which is undoubtely the most important one. I didn't really know what to do so I chose to make some additional bars... Not very original but hey, it works and I like it way more that way :) I hope you like it, it was alot of fun & experience to edit and I'm after all totally glad that I participated. Great job, everyone!

    Part 16 :: Rozard - This segment was a test of After Effects, as well as a lesson in masking. I took a long break during working on it for personal reasons, but I came back and finished with a vengence. eX-Driver is a fun show for me, but I tried to show some good action during a boring segment.

    Part 17 :: Mr. Pilkington -

    Part 18 :: WilLoW - I was a backup editor on the Children project, and was finally given the opportunity to work on it a few weeks before the deadline. Niea_7 is the story of a rejected E.T. child, and contains lots of melancholy scenes. Although it fits the theme of the project pretty well, it was difficult to make a dance amv with such scenes. The effects, a bit cheap, are an attempt to compensate this slwoness in the clips. You may like or not the blinking eye effect, but I personally think it is the powerful part of this sequence ;)


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