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  • The U Tubes 2012-06-22 00:51:45 After a few years of not doing much of anything AMV wise I finally came back and noticed SOAD 2 finally released, if you find offensive stuff hard to watch (For instance, It was for me at certain points) probably not the video for you. For anyone who likes AMV's that relate to the Music (Not all of it, but a lot) and don't mind being Erked at times go for it. 5 years in the making and I'd say its pretty good. Like the first one, I throughly enjoyed the segments I worked on as well and have a hard time stopping myself from watching em.

    One of the segments in SOAD 2 was a collaberation between me, Wurpuss and Hitori (Who edited mine and Wurpusses togather throwing in 2 pics from Magus). Some of the scenes included made me flinch (I'm not that Hardcore, esp not now) but overall it was hilariously done.

    Track 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, and my fave, 19... Which I was thinking about doing myself for awhile before Tsukin grabbed it, and I'm glad he did. I also liked Track 2, cept I saw it more as a second opener for the project.

    In other news I also started putting my stuff on Youtube.

    No worries, mainly old stuff, stuff in projects, or MV stuff. Nothing really new. 
  • Hoy 2005-10-11 02:33:48 Holy shit I haven't been here in a long time... guess I might write something down while I'm here.

    -Project News-

    Hmm, I have two NGE Character profiles that I'm doing, one to a song by Pink and another to Merideth Brooks. Both seem to be turning out well and I hope to participate in SSJVegita0609 big character profile contest with at least one of them.

    A few projects I've worked on but haven't finished would be the Hellsing to Possum Kingdom and Devil Lady to Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams". Likely hood of finishing those not so good.

    I want to make a Gantz AMV but I haven't come across a song that I thought might fit it well.

    Finished a couple Multi Editor Projects, One to the Video Game 3 (VG3) Project, The Final Fantasy Character Project, and the Seven rights make a left Project. Made one vid to each one.. about the only stuff I've actually done besides Finishing "The Real Keyser Soze" (Which does well with people that know the Anime/Movie) and Hells Smiths (My first Non-AMV).

    The next big projects I have planned will be some fun ones to a couple of songs, Spiderbaits "Black betty", Ministry's "Sexual", Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil", Marilyn Mansons "Beutiful People" but my biggest ambitous project of them all would have to come from Billy Joels "We didn't start the fire". Not sure if I'll start any of them but I'm turning some ideas in my head. Only a few of them will survive but I hope I actually do the last one... for special reasons.

    I'm also preparing ideas for any possible AMV Hell 4 that Zarxrax could unleash next year. Not sure if he'll do it or not but I'm definatly going to try to get in it this time. I did submit for AMV Hell 3 but it was deemed... unfunny =( Well I'll show them.. I'll show em all *Insert evil laugh*

    Can't think of much else to write so until next year... goodbye... unless you browse the forums alot.
  • Time is running down.. 2004-04-20 04:35:44 And I still haven't finished anything for the Otakon or Acen contests.. actually let me rephase that... for the Otakon contest.

    Acen2004 I should have my remake of DSEH's "Scrapped Matrix" to send there. I'm still not sure how to present it but I'm working on it. DSEH liked the remake I did and as an editor he's improved a lot since (The Grave Punisher comes to mind). I'm glad I did it but I can't help but feel a little guilty for doing so..

    Ah well probably thinking too much. It's my first co-op vid after all and it usually takes a long time to finally release my own stuff because I'm usually worrying over small things. For Example, I came up with a interesting "preview" way of displaying both mine and DSEH's names (since it is a movie preview) but I'm unsure if it will go over well. Probably won't do it and just have the video start with no green preview screen at the start.

    Anyway, on the side note seems that the Children Project is done, I like it. Always cool to see these projects come togather. The Animix part 5 is also almost finished and I'm glad I could be a part of that as well. I did two parts for the Animix too, unfortunatly I didn't know I could only have one so the other didn't get picked. Sigh, I would have rather had that part get in but it happens. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

    Projects on the Horizon.. A double feature maybe, one useing Gendo as the main char, the other Asuka. One based on Saikano. Another would be my take on a Non-anime Matrix idea (Seems fun). Could follow through with a very good Parady idea useing various anime's (Long shot). Probably bring up my mass co-op vid that I've been toying with at Acen2004 and see what the other AMV editors think of it. Maybe remake a old fav of mine that used Invader Zim. And then there is the Retro Project, I'm probably going to finish that .Hack//dusk vid that I did for the NES project for it.

    And that leads me to this 
  • NES Projectness 2003-08-21 00:17:27 Hmm, I don't post here much.

    Well, currently in the progress of revamping my Lodoss War NES Project vid after I went and bought the special edition DVDs of Lodoss. Its better footage, much smoother then the old footage I used to make the video people will see at AWA 2003.
    I thought that while I was at it I might make a few rearrangements to the actual Video. Maybe put in a few more Zelda sprites here and there, throw in a few changes while I update the footage from old DVD format to new special edition format. Just 30 secs of footage left to convert and I'm done.

    Anyway, on the convention front "Variations of D minor" got an honorable mention at Otakon 2003. Still having a hard time figureing out what catagory it actually belongs in tho. Its not pure action, drama, or a true instrumental. Ah well.
  • Vid up with problems it seems 2003-05-28 04:34:48 Hmm, it runs perfectly on my computer but I have yet to find someone else that has succesfully played it on their computers... even with the right codec. And I can't replace the local download with a corrected version if this is true. Meh, of all the bad luck I'm probably going to end up relying on my website again. Damnable small bandwitdth it has =P 
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