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  • Member: Senta
  • Title: Path of the Deus
  • Premiered: 2002-04-20
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    • System of a Down Chop Suey!
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  • Comments: Before I thought of the idea for this video, a handful of Chop Suey/Eva videos had made their appearance at cons I attended and I didn't find them to be very good. One problem I felt was that it was such an obvious idea to use that combination that they really lacked creativity. Also, what I saw was that these videos didn't show much effort in editing as it seemed that they were just scenes from Evangelion stuck with a song that mentioned angels and so there wasn't much, if any, direction or story in the videos.
    As I was discussing this with a friend, we thought that if someone wanted to do a video with this song, they could at least try to use anime other than Evangelion. Another anime that dealt with angels, or perhaps, even an anime that didn't have anything to do with angels but related to the song in another way. We mentioned some anime like Angel Sancutary and Earthian.
    At this point, I had no intention of making a Chop Suey video, since I didn't really like the song; I just felt like ranting. But then, I jokingly said, "Yeah, or someone could just use Angelic Layer." I wasn't serious since Angelic Layer is a cute shoujo anime and didn't think it matched a hardcore sounding song like Chop Suey. During the next few days, I started thinking about the idea and realized that it could be fun to present Angelic Layer in a manner so that it matched this song. I thought it'd be an enjoyable challenge to do something different with this song and so I used the cute shoujo anime from Clamp.

    More comments later.

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