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  • Member: gangstaj8
  • Title: Dare Of A Lifetime
  • Premiered: 2004-09-15
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    • Switchfoot I Dare You To Move
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  • Comments: What they've said:

    "I got chills while watching this..." - wildkarde717 (Jack Mavrik)

    "You personally have redeemed my view on Trigun AMVs... this is a breathe of very needed fresh air." - SephirothX

    "This is by far the best Trigun amv I have ever seen." - norskotaku

    What I've said:

    SPOILER NOTICE: If you have yet to see "TRIGUN" in its entirety (and I mean completely from beginning to end), I highly recommend that you DO NOT WATCH this video. It contains huge spoilers and I don't want to feel responsible for ruining this series for any viewers. Plus, the video moves quite rapidly and unless you've seen the series, you probably won't catch much of what's going on anyway.

    That being said, down to the dirt...

    This is my second video to put up on AMV, and it's quite a bit more involved than my first. Basically, it's Vash's story from life on the Project Seeds ship through the end of the series with him and Knives. My original plan was to show a chronological account starting with them as young boys, and moving along to all of Vash's misadventures, etc. etc... But soon after starting this project, and some rough calculating, I realized that trying to squeeze nearly 9 hours of story into just over 4 minutes of song would prove a little more difficult than that. That's why this video moves along so quickly. Fortunately, there are some distinctive points that are very apparent throughout the series, and I tried to make them work with the song so that you'll be able to follow along even at such a quick pace, and hopefully this will also apply to those of you who haven't seen the series in awhile.

    **UPDATE** 9/17/04
    I recieved an e-mail from a member concerning an article he writes at, and he featured this video! And I really enjoyed reading it, so check it out. Look for AMV Addict under the Columns section.

    Technical stuff...

    First off, I need to mention for the font I used for the end credit. They provide lots of free fonts and just ask to be noted.

    I used Premier 6 LE for all the editing and Photoshop 7 for the titles. I pulled the clips direct from DVD (Thanks again to AbsoluteDestiny & ErMaC's Tech Guide), and the song is "Dare you to Move" by Switchfoot. They have a slightly different version on an earlier album, but I pulled this one from "The Beautiful Letdown". I played a bit more with motion and transparencies, and did some tweaking to make it all look appropriate, hope you agree. I compressed it using DivX 5 with LameMP3. I'm still having trouble finding a good setting with XViD and wouldn't mind any helpful suggestions. Other than that, hope you enjoy the video, and please let me know what you think.

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