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  • Profile: I'm not a person who enjoys over-edited AMVs much. Fancy effects are fine and a potentially powerful tool if a person uses them correctly and in an artistic manner, but flashy effects does not a good AMV make. Just tossing them in makes an AMV look messy rather than good. I also don't usually preffer AMV made of clips that have been chopped into little tiny peices and flash by in a siezure-inducing frenzied rush. In most cases, I actually like to SEE what I'm looking at, and not just get a strobe-light style teaser. I agree this does work in some cases, such as a tense part in an AMV, but I can't stand it when the procedure lasts the ENTIRE AMV long. Having said that, here's a few comments on my own style.

    I like to usually use a style that utilizes one or more of the following AMV style methods (these are methods as viewed by myself): Storytelling, Progressive, and Climactic.

    Storytelling: The Amv tells a story with a difinitive beginning, middle, and end, usually with a conclusion. A viewer should come away from the AMV with some idea of a chronology of events, or at least an idea of what had happened to who and why. Cause and Effect are a big part of this style method.

    Progressive: The subject progresses as the AMV continues. For example, a character gets stronger and the AMV features more complex and powerful manuvers by the character as the AMV rolls on. Personally, I like to display progressive elements during song choruses.

    Climactic: The climax of the AMV meets at the climax of the music. All action, character development, story, evolution, etc. comes together for the finale. This is usually the most intesnse moment of the AMV, and the most riviting. In a quieter AMV, I might use the climax to show of some action or drama. This is usually where I cut loose and have some fun with action.

    IF YOU LIKE MY VIDS: Check out my twin sister's work! Her alias is mystryl_shada and her style is very similar to, if not exactly like, my own. (note: I do not put her AMVs in my favorites list because she'd swamp my list. My list is strictly for the AMVs of people I don't know personally)

    (NOTE: Rouruni Kenshin TV (NOT the OVAs) is supposed to be on my Favoirte Anime list, but for some reason it won't go there. It lands between Megas XLR and Teen Titans. Which reminds me: I'm aware that some of the shows on my list are not anime, but there are similarities to anime in the art styles and I just like the shows.)

    NEWS UPDATE 4/1808: OK, I have my OWN computer now, as well as the Adobe CS3 Master Suite! I can learn how to use PREMIERE now! Oh yeah, and check out my Youtube site. I'll be putting music videos there from other cartoon shows that aren't anime. I have a Legion of Superheroes on there now.

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