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  • Member: silver vaporeon
  • Studio: Fortune Cookie Productions
  • Title: The Center Cannot Hold
  • Premiered: 2004-03-24
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  • Song:
    • Savage Garden Break me, Shake me
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Yay for FMA AMVs! This was more of a test run with using fansubs as footage than anything else. It came out alright, I guess. Hodgepodge of FMA angsting and action (with this song, how can it not be?). Mostly centered on Edward because it turned out that way.

    I apologize beforehand for any unclairity or other visual problems (though I don't think there's any beyond things you'd see if fullscreened); I unfortunatly do not own any of the DVDs and so I resorted to using fansubs and available raws online. The subtitles are hidden though. Yay. Enjoy.


    I was alerted that this particular video has been ripped and stolen by two 'AMV groups: Destiny Moonstar Productions and Ravencollie Productions.

    They had blatenly stolen the original footage and cropped out the first five seconds and the last 3 seconds to crop out any sign of my credits and to pass it off as their own, putting their own bumper on it.

    If anyone has more information on these people, please let me know so that I may speak with them directly. I could not find them on and I fear that I am not the only AMV maker to be victimized by these attention-seaking thieves who steal hours and hours of work to pass off as their own.

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