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  • Member: JMZ
  • Title: Horo Horo's Stride
  • Premiered: 2004-10-05
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    • Matthew Wilder Break My Stride
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  • Comments: This AMV is dedicated to the character in Shaman King who's as wired as they come. I'm pretty sure this guy has ADHD (I have it myself, so I know the signs). I decided to focus on showing just how crazy Horo Horo can get in this vid. I used a combination of "progressive" and "climactic" styling methods (see my bio for details) in organizing the footage. The verses simply portray Horo Horo being...well...his usual alarming self. (^_^) Each chorus shows his progression in power: first with Hyo Gattai/Integration, then Oversoul, then the BIG Oversoul.

    This vid is made with subtitled footage, sorry, but I actually used that to my advantage a little here. For kicks, I matched the subtitles to the song twice. Make a game of it and try to find where this occurs. ^_~

    While I'm very pleased with how the AMV turned out, I'm not so sure about the finale. I feel like the shots of his final Oversoul seem just kinda thrown in. There's one part that I am very happy with the timing, but something about the rest of it seems redundant. I think there's too many zoom-out shots. Oh well.

    This AMV was created with Microsoft MovieMaker, and that program works just fine, so donít go thinking itís not worth watching just because no fancy-shmancy editing program was involved.

    Enjoy the AMV!
    May the Triforce be with you,
    ~Jedi Master Zelda

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