• Computer and AMV-Production Status 2005-04-13 14:26:42 Ok, the computer is working and everything is set for editing AMVs...except the stupid CD reader/burner. The darn thing won't read my CDs. In order to get my anime on there, I had to open the CD on the old computer and copy the episodes one at a time to a USB drive to move to the new comp; a process which takes about 15 minutes per ep. This worked fine until the old comp suddenly refused to accept the USB drive. So I used a memory card along with Mom's now card reader. This worked for one ep, and then the old comp ignored the memory card. Basically, the only way to transfer data now is with a pathetic floppy, and that won't carry anime eps. I cannot BELIEVE how every tiny little thing seems bent against my making AMVs. GRRRR!! If we can't get this CD reader/burner replaced soon, I'm going to have to wait until my twin sister comes home for summer break in a couple weeks and use her comp to transfer data. What a pain.
    At any rate, the next AMV is a Lina/Gourry vid that, if it works out the way I planned, should be precisely timed and very funny. 
  • I haven't quit! 2005-02-01 16:41:53 No, I'm not dead, just in stasis. Untill Dad gets the new comp fully operational, I just can't make any more AMVs. Bites. I can't even manage with what the comp has, because it's what it DOESN'T have that's crippling. The darn thing has no audio. I can't make an AMV without audio. That's kinda hard. So meanwhile, I'll just sit and wait....

    How boring....

    At least I'm making good headway on my webcomic, The Hero's Handbook. I've finally settled into a weekly update schedule. 
  • Ripped footage--HEY, that's MY AMV! 2004-11-30 17:41:52 What th-- Someone ripped off footage from my "HoroHoro's Stride" AMV! I can tell easily. The entire end of this person's vid looks very familiar, as does some parts in the middle. How can I prove this? Well, THIS is why I put my WATERMARK on my vids. After this, I'm NOT ever producing a vid without it. Anyway, I can tell what footage was used from my AMV in this person's vid because of the "JMZ" watermark.

    As for what I think, I dunno. I'm torn between being ticked off and flattered. I'm also impressed how the timing worked with the footage from my vid, despite the fact that a different song was used (and the kid edited it a little). I'm not quite sure how to handle this. The maker of the vid is only twelve years old, and might not be entirely aware of the copyright rules on this site. I wouln't mind it so much, really, if the guy had just credited me in the vid. I'm going to leave an opinion and tell him that if he's going to use the footage, he's got to give credit where it's due. If he doesn't change the vid in a week, I'll call the mods. 
  • Simply Incredible 2004-11-29 17:21:01 Ok, old pun. But anyway, I saw The Incredibles over Thanksgiving weekend. WAAAYY cool. Pixar really outdoes themselves every time. I want to go see that one AGAIN! ^_^

    On another note, some nice person left opinions at all three of my Shaman King AMVs. Feedback is appreciated! And this person left yet another request for me to make more SK vids. Seems to be my most popular subject--but then, I only have one Slayers, one Pretear, and one Final Fantasy Unimited vids while I have three SK ones, so there's more to judge by. And I think my SK ones are some of my best, anyway, with the "Yoh-Yos" vid leading all my vids in star ratings and the "Justice of the X-Laws" vid getting the best reviews. I'm really happy. I haven't had an opinion on my vids for weeks. It's too bad that I have to work with subtitled vids; I wonder how popular the vids would be if they weren't. 
  • The nightmare of my room 2004-11-12 11:24:35 Guess what I did all of Vetran's Day? Yeah, I cleaned my room. Or, at least, I started to. I used to share my room with my twin sister, and we've collected a LOT of stuff in the nearly 20 years we've lived here. I now share the room with my little sister (my twin attends an out-of-state university), and the time has come to adapt the room for the new inhabitant. This was indicated mostly by the fact that, despite multiple minor cleaning attempts, we couldn't ever manage to see much of the floor for more than one day. So, yesterday on a holiday we both had off from school, the odessey began.

    We took out EVERYTHING except what was on the shelves (that's going to have to go soon), and dumped it all in the family room. It was packed. None of the five of us still living in this house can figure out just how all of this fit in that tiny room. It totally boggles the mind. We started boxing up all of my twin's stuff, and going through clothes and things. We spent the whole day, and the family room is still cluttered. Good grief, what have we gotten ourselves into? At least the entire floor of our room was vaccuumed, which I don't think has happened for years. One thing's for sure--we're not going to let much stuff back in. I don't EVER want to go through this again! 
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