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  • Member: Moonywolf
  • Title: Junishi Horoscope
  • Premiered: 2002-02-20
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    • Wierd Al Yankovic Your Horoscope
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  • Comments: Moonywolf: Um...yeah. This is a colaboration between Moonywolf and Art2_Dream2. No don't bother checking she doesn't have an account. We are two very strange college students. When we say we lip synched, we use the term loosely. We tried. We really tried. Cut us some slack, OK? Considering we just started making music ago.

    Art2: Despite the lack of professional effects, we feel that it is actually really funny. We originally came up with the idea because we noticed that most of the music videos for Fruits Basket focused way too much on the romance of the romantic comedy. We like the comedy aspect the most. Thus we created this.

    Please forgive us. We are planning a second version to come out soon. Also please forgive the subtitles. Our DVD is on backorder, so we had to use the DivX version.

    Moonywolf: Don't worry, the next one will be better. We're not saying how much better.....

    Art2: HEY! Stop, that's enough!


    Allright, well enjoy!

    Edit: Thanks to everyone who downloaded and reviewed our video!! We were just freshmen in college who had just been introduced to anime for the first time when we made this. The US DVDs hadn't come out yet so we used as good a quality as we could find and did the actual video on a free trial of adobe premiere.

    Years later, we may try again, but its less likely now. College is over and we both have hectic lives, jobs etc.

    Yet 6 years later art2 and I are still roommates. And we still hope to redo this every so often.

    Maybe it'll happen before we both move on with life.

    Not likely, but I can hope.


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