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  • Member: VicBond007
  • Studio: VicBond007 Productions
  • Title: Die Another Day
  • Premiered: 2003-08-08
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    • Madonna Die Another Day
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  • Comments: I started editing this video the day after I returned from Katsucon 9. I finished editing this video the day before the deadline for Otakon. I had to take two weeks off of work to finish this video, and I'm darn glad that I did.

    This video is the first video that I made entirely with Adobe After Effects. I only used Adobe Premeire to do the subtitles in the very beginning. Yes, it took a very long time, but it was something that was floating inside my head for a while and I had to do it. While I can't say this turned out exactly as I had planned it, I am very satisfied with the results.

    The concept behind the video revolves around the threat of Mireille killing Kirika after their job is done together, so I tried to structure the video as to first set up the story, and then express as much tension as possible between the two lead characters.

    Information here reflects the DivX version. Mpeg1 version (lesser quality, more compatible) is aso available to download from the same location.

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