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  • Member: JMZ
  • Title: Justice of the X-Laws
  • Premiered: 2004-10-05
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    • Pat Benetar Invincible
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  • Comments: Though I categorize this AMV as a character profile, it is actually more of a group profile.

    This AMV is dedicated to the first batch of, to use the Dungeons and Dragons term, lawful-good villains I can ever recall seeing anywhere. The X-Laws are seriously well-meaning and intend to save the world from the ďevilĒ HaoÖbut who will save the world from them? (Haoís like this too, but I wouldnít tell the X-Laws that) Iíve noticed that, despite the tendency among AMV makers to pounce on the opportunity to make an AMV tribute to a deceased character(s) before he/she/they have even hit the ground, there hasnít been any tribute made for the X-Laws, at least from what Iíve seen. But this is an observation I made AFTER I created the AMV. Beforehand, I was just looking for a subject that matches the song, and when I thought of these guys I just HAD to make the vid. I like the sad irony of making a defeated-character-tribute using a fight song.

    This vid was made with subtitled footage and with Microsoft MovieMaker (but itís still a good vid, so donít judge it by those shortcomings; MM is a decent enough editing program). I made it at school in two sittings. Due to malfunctions in the way the lab computers saved the file, there were some changes in the timing in some places. Some of my good timing bits were messed up, but some other new accidental ones made up for it. So itís still good.

    Enjoy the vid!
    May the Triforce be with you,
    ~Jedi Master Zelda

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