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  • Profile: Well, first of all, the website in the "website" column has been updated, to my project's webpage, Project DOOMRIDER. Special thanks go out to Meri Cantoni (MeriC) For her dedication and effort to help design it, etc.

    Where to start: Well, I got very interested in the art of music videos.....and I had a passion for DragonBall Z. You know, I remember downloading videos from DB3K, and Ginga Giri Giri as early as 2000....those were the days, the videos blew hard, but they were unbelievably to me. I had the series down to a science, I had all the info down...this was my big intro to anime. I also had an unbelievable obsession with how wonderful music videos were, and my intro to DBZ came from YTV, way back when.

    And then, with downloaded footage, a downloaded copy of adobe premiere, and downloaded music, after seeing various anime music videos, and after seeing various dbz videos as a whole, I began my first music video, Name of the Game. A fast paced song, this was my practice at playing around with Premiere, and playing around with timing. Fun stuff, transitions were so very interesting back then. Then, I found out what an FTP was :p, entered contests, and got somewhere...I was impressed, and was lead here, where I could see the videos I loved so much.

    *The preceeding was useless information, now this is my goal*

    I have a goal while I am here, and it is an astronomical one. I have dedicated my work to ressurecting a fantastically done series, DragonBall Z. Since the series is so very long, and was drawn so unbelievably well, people who are just starting in the "creation" of music videos like to use it....and you know what, I don't blame them. It has the appeal. But these people, with their effortless attempts, have slowly grinded away at the true potential of the series, popping out thousands upon thousands of very similar, horribly executed videos. There is no art to them, no progression, no style, and it is videos like this that make me sick. These same people seem to be hermits from the amv community, knowing nothing -but- DragonBall Z, and knowing of no music videos beyond the crap they call their own , and that of some very popular websites, ie:

    I want to create videos that convey the series properly, with high entertainment value. Videos that will make people seek out this now older series, watch it, and enjoy it. I need to get through the huge batch of awfully done videos. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I need to surpass people and their opinions on the series, which have formulated over the vastness of garbage. I must redeem the series, and create atonement for all those videos which have tainted it, and the reputations therefore of their creators. It pains me so to see DBZ being shunned, and banned from contests, from people's hearts, due to the way it has been depicted and conveyed. Such a shame...such a shame...........

    And now, I get to make the best attempt possible to redeem the series. Project DOOMRIDER. My baby, that will plow through and crush everything known to the average creator as a dbz video. There will be nothing left in the way of this project....for more information about what Project DOOMRIDER is, -PLEASE- visit the above website....

    *throws Lawn furniture*

    I'm Jewish :).

    Have a good night.

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