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  • Member: dbz_doomrider
  • Title: Turn the Page-An Interpretation of Bardock: Remastered
  • Premiered: 2003-05-06
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    • Bob Seger Turn the Page
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  • Comments: Before ANYTHING, special thanks go out to:
    Castor Troy
    And a host of others who I cannot think of right now.....

    Welcome to the Remastered Edition of my character profile "Turn the Page-An Interpretation of Bardock. I hope you enjoy the video, but take the time now to read the description, so you know what you are heading into.

    Granted, I knew there would be some flaws with the first draft of the video, but I made the decision that I would gather at least 3 opinions on the video BEFORE I went and remastered it into a much better video. The most important change, and the first one I will point out, is that the PICVIDEO watermarks are now gone. The video is now as clear as it's going to get, albeit the video quality may still be a 9 rather than a 10, due to less experience with compression.

    Secondly, When I had originally entered the video, there was a great deal of problems with my timing, due to the fact premiere had unsynced some of it. The timing has been realligned for the scenes I decided to keep, to make the video more enjoyable, and the overall flow has improved thanks to this.

    Thirdly, I have removed certain scenes from the video, and added brand new ones, lengthening older scenes as well, to make the video more appropriate looking in accordance to the song.

    The final aspect of the video I looked at was giving the video a better ending (fill in the blank spot where there is nothing heard but cheering), which I managed to do with some effort, and thanks from a wonderful image that was put together by VegettoEX a great deal of time ago. Well, this is the only aspect I have changed, that I am unsure about changing.....but anyway, now read onto the initial description, and enjoy!!

    Well, it has indeed been a long time since my first video, and I have learned a great deal over this time. This video, before I get into details, was my first attempt at a serious video, profiling a single character, with very little action involved. My niche from long ago was timing, but I had to dissolve out of that.

    The video itself centers around Bardock, Goku's father from the series Dragon Ball Z. He is a character of ambiguous detail, thriving off of the murders of others, tormented by having to face his own future. He has little hope, little to aspire for, few friends, and even those friends which he has to treasure perish. Indeed, his son is below mediocre for a saiyan, which proves disappointing as well. Bardock's life is truly a depressing one. The Saiyan Bardock even sacrificed himself just to defend the one thing he had left: the pride he placed in himself and his entire warrior race.

    After watching the movie over 50 times, I discovered that the song Turn the Page by Bob Seiger had a great deal of similarities with Bardock and his story, and I felt a need to manipulate these similarities. Music videos are powerful enough to do this, and so of course, I put two and two together, and came up with this concept.

    Technically speaking, the video took 107 hours of editing in total, which includes the hour or so it took to export. I started this video on February 28th, 2003. Through creating the video, I had to learn every single stage, from ripping dvd's properly, to every form of footage, to all the platforms and programs that were necessary to make these video come to be. The song was ripped straight off of Bob Seiger's greatest hits, and the DragonBall Z DVD Bardock: The Father of Goku was my source of footage. This is my first draft of the video, and I ask you to take your time and absorb the video and the words, as it was very difficult to coordinate this video, and bring it to where it is right now.

    HAPPY WATCHING! I hope you get a great deal of out of this, and I would, of course, appreciate feedback. ^_^
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