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  • Member: dbz_doomrider
  • Title: Just Beat It
  • Premiered: 2004-05-12
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    • Michael Jackson Beat It
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  • Comments: Well, I'll put this in short, since this video isn't anything epic or unbelievable in my opinion.

    I have (and always will be) a fan of the great hits of the 80's and 90's, like so many people are. Of the stars that have existed in these eras though...Michael Jackson is given so little credit, and such a big rap in the media. I happen to think beat it is a kick ass song, so I have listened to it many times...and became appalled to see no video exists to the song. The song offers such a fantastic beat, such a catchy chorus and amazing guitar riffs that couldn't be left alone, if you know what I mean.

    So I was approached to enter a little contest with DragonBall Z only qualifiers. So, I whipped up a Vegeta video for fun, to this song, with all the footage to the best quality I could get it, all straight from DVD source that I bothered to go out and chase :p.

    To keep the video good, short, and entertaining, and downloadable, It's only about 2:10. I cut the song because 5:00 of Vegeta is just too cliche now a days, and that's all I can say really for the time cut. I had to come up with something pretty quickly this was it.

    The video covers Vegeta in a chronological order, but I will give absolutely no details away about what you will see...that's just for you to look at and nod at and hopefully smile about. Great beat, great video, and I really hope you will enjoy this combination.

    ***Currently, this video is entered in Majin Meb's Fight Club over at Majin Planet, so I encourage you to check this out, vote for it, don't for it, do what you want. Just participate in the contest to make it exciting, so there's actually some consistency in voting and that. Plus, I'm sure the videos in the contest (OR QUITE A FEW) should be to your liking.

    DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE A REVIEW. Thanks a bunch-o. (She's only about 39 Megs)

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